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Published: Friday 5th May 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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If you’re a fan of good beer and spicy food, the newly opened Chilli Devil’s will be right up your alley!

Speaking of alleys, the new real ale and chilli bar is located down Manor Street, which has an alley-like charm about it. Traditional cobbles, tightly packed buildings covered in detail and Old Town heritage make it a picturesque spot that’s well worth a visit.

The small and welcoming place is owned by Ian Ibbetson, the man behind Chilli Devil Sauces, often found at farmers’ markets and food festivals. We popped down to sample some of the dishes on offer.

As we’re sure you’ll have guessed, the menu is very much chilli based. During our visit the options were lamb jalfrezi, Texas style and a vegetable option, which is always available.

This menu changes regularly, with the day’s offerings being announced on their Facebook page. Examples are chicken, black bean and bourbon; firehouse beef; and tomato with sweet pepper. Another that caught our eye recently is the plum chilli, which sounds particularly interesting.

Being hungry, hungry carnivores, we went for the two meat options presented on the chalkboard above the bar.


The Texas chilli (above) lived up to the US state’s no-nonsense reputation, packing a punch and plenty of flavour. The beef was tender, the kidney beans delicious, and the sauce actually brought a tear to the diner’s eye.

Meanwhile, the perfectly cooked rice, dollop of cream and garnish made it an attractive meal in just the right portion.

As for the lamb jalfrezi (top of page), this was a real treat too. Certainly not as hot as the Texas version, it delivered a rich, warming flavour.

The thing about spicy food is that it’s completely subjective. Some people’s palates are naturally equipped to enjoy hot and spicy flavours, whilst others are far more delicate and susceptible. Still, with three options to choose from and a constantly changing range, we’re sure you’ll find something you love.


As for the real ales, there are some stunners on tap. These also rotate, so you could find a malty Jem’s Stout or the soft blondness of Sleck Dust, both by Great Newsome.

Perhaps you’ll be greeted by Yorkshire Brewing Company’s Mutiny, or an Atom Beers favourite such as Schrodinger’s Cat. Whatever the case, all of the ales are specially selected for their quality, consistency and flavour, not to mention their fire-fighting qualities.

Chilli Devil’s is also very affordable. A bowl of chilli with rice is £5, with top-ups available for just £4. The beer is well priced too, with cider, fine wines and soft drinks also available.


You can find this exciting new bar at 11a Manor Street, between Alfred Gelder Street and The Land of Green Ginger. To book a table or make enquiries, please call 01482 961666.

When you pay a visit, we recommend you take a sense of adventure with you. These chillis are top quality and made by an expert, so go ahead and try something you may have never even heard of before.

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Published: Friday 5th May 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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