Sports clubs at Hull’s Airco Arena welcome Council officials demanding longer time scale

Published: Wednesday 1st April 2015 by KCFM

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Yesterday, Hull City Council wrote a letter to the Premier League on the issue surrounding the Airco Arena.

Sports clubs that have been told they’ll have to leave Hull‘s Airco Arena, have welcomed the City Council’s decision to write to the Premier League on the matter.

Hull City have been forced to find a location for a 3G pitch at short notice, because of the League’s demands for upgrading the Tigers’ academy.

Council officials are demanding a longer timescale, so the club could put the pitch somewhere other than the Airco.

Julie Williams from Hull High Flyers trampoline club says what the Premier League does next will be critical:

“We don’t feel this is the right venue. There are other alternatives and it’s the timescale that has made Hull City make this decision. Anything that can make the Premier League maybe give Hull City more time, will hopefully give the opportunity for them to make the right decision and choose somewhere else.”

“In Hull, the people right throughout Yorkshire, this is a massive venue; And to get something similar to this quality, you have to go somewhere to Leeds or to Sheffield – you’re driving an hour away.”

Julie says it’s not fair that football should take precedence over other sports:

“I don’t think the Premier League understands the situation here where it would absolutely [have a] huge impact on other sports, and I don’t think one sport should have such an impact on all of the other sports in the area.”

A spokesperson for the Premier League says:

“We fully support Hull City’s aims of investing in and enhancing its Youth Development programme.

“Like all clubs it has to meet relevant rules and criteria. How it organises itself to do so is entirely a matter for the club.”

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Published: Wednesday 1st April 2015 by KCFM

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