Swans ‘spray-painted and barbecued’, says Hull mum

Published: Friday 3rd June 2016 by The News Editor

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Baby swans in Hull are being killed at a popular beauty spot, wildlife lovers fear.

Michelle Barnes noticed on Thursday (May 2) that three out of a family of seven cygnets had vanished.

This was during one of her regular walks around the playing fields in Oak Road near Beverley Road.

She also says that the mother has been spray-painted blue and fears that the babies have been “barbecued”.

Ms Barnes says that 12 months earlier she discovered a cygnet’s carcass on a burnt-out lakeside bonfire.

She told the Hull Daily Mail : “Swans are very protective parents, so it would be very difficult for predators like foxes to kill them off.

“I’m no wildlife expert but to lose three overnight, I think they must have been deliberately killed by people.

“Only last year, I saw the remains of a cygnet in a bonfire, so somebody had barbecued it.

“I can understand if you are in the wild and starving why you would do that, but not here, just go and get some chips in Beverley Road.

“I feel really upset about it. They are beautiful creatures.”

Fellow Oak Road walker Michelle Rayworth said: “It’s a lovely little spot with a pair of breeding swans who had seven cygnets.

“Three of the cygnets have disappeared and the mum has been sprayed with what looks like blue spray paint.”

A Hull City Council spokesman said: “A resident spoke to a park ranger at Oak Road Playing Fields this morning to report a sighting of a swan whose cygnets appeared to have reduced from seven to four.

“At this stage, this would appear to be correct. However, there is no visible evidence that anything has happened to the cygnets.”

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Published: Friday 3rd June 2016 by The News Editor

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