Sweet treats galore at Frizza Caffe Gelato

Published: Thursday 18th May 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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Frizza Caffe Gelato first opened down Newland Avenue in early 2015. A huge success, last month saw the addition of a new restaurant on Princes Avenue.

Presenting a huge range of gelato, which is a softer, creamier style of Italian ice cream, paying a visit really is a treat.

The huge menu of sweetness includes grilled doughnuts, crispy churros, mouthwatering cookie dough and a range of cakes.

With gelato obviously being their main focus, we went for a couple of double scoop cones. Choosing from dozens of flavours, we decided on Nutella and caramel biscotti in one, and white chocolate and cookie crumble and raspberry mascarpone in the other.

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We really don’t need to sugarcoat this review: The gelato is absolutely delicious. Of a slightly different consistency and temperature to regular ice cream, it melts in the mouth and really does seal in the flavour.

Speaking of flavours, the selection rotates regularly, so each visit could present a different combination. Some that are available this week are Sicilian pistachio, walnut and fig, and good old-fashioned chocolate.

You get to choose how many scoops and whether they’re served in a cone or a dish, with the option to add sauces and toppings. Chocolate dipped cones are also available, adding an extra layer of luxury.

For such high quality products, the prices are very reasonable. £2.10 for one scoop, £3.50 for two, £4.50 for three and £5.50 if you’re really spoiling your taste buds with four portions. Their spectrum of gelato is even available to take away in 1kg tubs for £16.

If you fancy something with a bit more mouthfeel, there are waffles, pancakes and crepes, which can also be served with gelato. These come in many flavours and look utterly delicious, perfect for a family outing, an afternoon with friends, or even a hot date.

Something else that caught our eye was the pair of ever-flowing chocolate taps. These are used for adding layers of molten milk and/or white choccy to your dessert and really are quite mesmerising.


If you’re taking the kids and you want to treat them to something super colourful, check out the popsicle stix.

They come in a range of milk and fruit-based combinations and look like they’re straight out of an American ice cream van. However, they’re actually homemade by the restaurant.


The Princes Avenue branch is home to Brew Bar. Using a special Caffe Gelato roast created by The Blending Room, they serve a smooth coffee that goes very nicely with a cold dessert.

Alternatively, choose from a range of milkshakes, smoothies and soft drinks, with the outdoor seating area perfect for relaxing in the sunshine.


And it’s not just puddings on offer. Frizza Caffe Gelato has a busy kitchen that rustles up wraps, sandwiches, paninis, quiche, burgers, fries and fresh salads.

So if you’re looking to dine out, you can enjoy a full meal in bright, spacious and welcoming surroundings. Meanwhile, the team members are very friendly and happy to recommend new and exciting dessert experiences.

You can find Frizza Caffe Gelato at 73 Princes Avenue, as well as 92 Newland Avenue. More information is available on their website.

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Published: Thursday 18th May 2017 by Rich Sutherland

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