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Published: Friday 23rd December 2016 by Rich Sutherland

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Another new and exciting attraction has opened at St Stephen’s in the form of Fun Station. A vibrant family entertainment centre full of fun-packed activities for everyone, we spoke to General Manager Emma Patterson about what’s on offer.

What exactly is Fun Station?

We have all kinds of games and activities to enjoy. The arcade games include everything from racing challenges such as Mario Kart, to shoot-‘em-ups, puzzles, and games for younger children.

There’s also Highway 66 Family Bowling, which is proving popular with families and groups of all ages.

So it’s not just for kids?

Fun Station is for everyone! We’ve had almost as many grandparents visit as we have teenagers. There’s such a range of things to do that anyone can find something to suit them.

And you haven’t even been open that long, have you?

We only opened on Saturday 17 December, so it’s great that people are already flocking to see what it’s all about.

The unit is 10,000 square feet and we’re located on the terrace in St Stephen’s, so there’s plenty of room and lots to discover.

Plus we hear there’s more to come?

That’s right. Laser Station will open in February 2017, presenting a multilevel laser tag arena that’s a great laugh, adrenaline-filled and perfect if you have a competitive streak.

So how exactly do people pay to take part?

We use a concept that’s quite new to the UK. You purchase a pre-payment Fun Card and load it up with however much you like. You then swipe the card on a game to play it. If you run out of credit, you simply top the card up.

It’s a good way of keeping track of how much you spend and giving yourself a limit, whilst making it easy to add more if you want to keep playing.

What else is on offer?

A big part of Fun Station is the tickets that are paid out by the games. When you’re done for the day, you simply feed them into a ticket eater, which loads the balance onto your card.

There are tons of prizes that you can choose from in exchange for tickets. You could get something as small as a rubber or key ring, or save up your tickets for something bigger.

So there’s no time limit for using the tickets?

Not at all! If you like, you could even build up your ticket balance until you have enough to get an iPhone watch or Xbox One. There really are some amazing prizes available.

Can people purchase gift cards?

Our Fun Cards can also be registered in someone else’s name. That way, you can load on as much as you like, then give it to a friend or loved one as a present.

Is booking required for any of the games?

We have six bowling lanes. Most people turn up and play an arcade game for a while if the lanes are full, as it doesn’t take long before one frees up.

When the Laser Station opens, we recommend that groups of 10 and over call first on 01482 778144 to book a slot.

However, we always try to accommodate large walk-ins, so that’s fine too. There’s plenty to do whilst waiting for your turn.

What are your opening hours?

We’re open 10am-10pm Monday to Thursday, 10am-11pm Friday and Saturday, and 10am-9pm Sunday.

What would you say to someone who’s never tried something like Fun Station before?

It’s perfect for everyone and we know you’ll have a great time. Come join us at St Stephen’s to swipe, play and win!

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Published: Friday 23rd December 2016 by Rich Sutherland

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