Taking legal highs ‘like playing Russian roulette’

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Published: Thursday 10th March 2016 by KCFM

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Hull charity REAL has likened taking legal highs to playing a game of Russian roulette and is warning users about the dangers of taking these substances.

REAL are raising concerns over the links between taking legal highs and mental illness. Its warning comes as new laws come into effect from next month, making it an offence to produce or supply any substance that is likely to be used to get high.

Su Baker, REAL project coordinator, said: “Legal highs are very strong and they’re mind-altering substances. We’re seeing an increasing number of people suffering from episodes severe paranoia and psychosis.

“Legal highs are not safe or alternative to illegal drugs, they are as dangerous as Class A drugs. The strength and purity of legal highs makes their effects much more profound.

“Some legal highs have been shown to be 100 times stronger than the illegal drugs they’re designed to copy.”

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Published: Thursday 10th March 2016 by KCFM

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