The ‘Big Tick Project’ comes to Yorkshire

Published: Thursday 23rd April 2015 by KCFM

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Across the region, vets are raising awareness of the potential dangers of ticks in our pets.

Vets across Yorkshire are taking part in a new project to raise awareness of the diseases that can be spread by ticks.

A survey has found that more than half of dog owners in our area, didn’t know the parasites can transmit diseases to both dogs and humans – including the potentially debilitating Lyme disease.

Professor Richard Wall is coordinating the Big Tick project, and explains why it’s important people check:

“The numbers are increasing. We think largely probably as a result of climate change and becoming more active throughout the year. But also things like defective increasing number of deer, you see deer are one of the main hosts for the ticks. So we think that the risk is probably increasing.

“If you’ve been to a highly infested tick area or somewhere where you think there’s going to be a lot of ticks. Just, when you get back from your walk, check the animal, check yourself. As long as you find the tick quickly after it’s started feeding, and you remove that, then your risk of getting disease is quite low.

“We’re right at the peak of the tick-biting season so the advice is just to be aware and to check. We’re very keen not to get you panicking or make you worry unduly about ticks, we’re just raising the level of awareness. So people do know the sorts of problems that can be caused.”

Research for Yorkshire and the Humber shows that:

– 47% of dog owners don’t know that Lyme disease affects both dogs and humans.

– Lungworm (32%), Fleas (31%), are parasites dog owners are most worried about infecting their dogs, followed by 11% being worried about Ticks.

– 15% aren’t worried about parasites infecting their dog.

– 14% of dog owners said their vet had spotted a tick on their dog during treatment and they (the owner) hadn’t realised what it was.

– 26% never or very rarely use vet recommended treatment to prevent ticks on their dog.

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Published: Thursday 23rd April 2015 by KCFM

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