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Published: Thursday 4th January 2018 by Courtney Farrow

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Creative space Hub A has been open since last autumn. We caught up with some of its members to find out more about the building.

The seeds were planted for Hub A over six years ago. The Something Entirely Different team, who famously designed the Come to Hull, It’s Not Sh*t Anymore T-shirts, felt that there was an incredible need for a place where the creatives of Hull could work, connect and develop.

Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, where individuals and businesses donated funds, their dream became a reality.

Located at 63 Market Place in Hull’s Old Town, the multi-storey premises feature a shared co-working area, library, photography studio and printing workshop.

“I’m so happy that we’ve chosen the Old Town area. It’s such a great place and full of history and culture,” a Hub A spokesperson tells us.

“It can be hard for freelancers and creatives to progress in their careers when they have a limited budget for resources. We aim to change that. We wanted to create a real community vibe, allowing people to showcase their talents, skillshare and meet new people.”

Trashland Studio were one of the first residents to move in: “I’d seen posts about Hub A online and had already donated a few books to their library. So naturally I was straight in there when they first opened to have a nosey around.” says Ailsa Robinson. “The building is an amazing space and has so much potential to build a fantastic community. What started out as a way for Emma Phimister and I to pass the evenings has turned into something so much more than either of us first imagined.”

The creative duo have been working on their own projects, as well as engaging the community and encouraging people to come down to Hub A:

“At the moment, I’m painting rubbish and Emma is painting sad girls. We both playfully explore how bleak life can be,” enthuses Ailsa. “We’ve also recently set up Radical Book Club with writer Claire Lacey. This is hosted the last Sunday of every month. Our first meeting was really successful.”

Having their own office to work in has allowed the pair to focus more on their work, as well as collaborate with other members:

“I am personally so much more proactive and positive about opportunities that come my way now. For the first time, I am confident in my ability to create,” adds Ailsa. “We have been working with freelance writer and journalist Harry Slater, who is also based at Hub A.”

Overall, Hub A provides the city’s up-and-coming talent with a space to work and experiment. A desk can be hired for a small monthly fee and you can also rent a room for an extremely competitive price.

“I would not hesitate to recommend joining Hub A to anyone. I bang on about it so much to everyone I know. The Hub A team are always on hand to help and listen to our ideas. For us, it was impossible to not want to join the journey of making Hub A the success it will inevitably be.”

Find out more about Hub A and how to join.

Meanwhile, follow Trashland Studio on Instagram to see what they’re currently working on.

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Published: Thursday 4th January 2018 by Courtney Farrow

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