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Published: Thursday 4th May 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Hull UK City of Culture 2017 is all about involving the whole community in the arts and creativity. Frozen Light Theatre’s Home is doing just that.

A multi-sensory experience, Home is an immersive play made especially for those with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities (PMLD). We caught up with members of the incredible cast to find out more.

“Everybody should have the right to access theatre,” Lucy Garland, performer and Co-Artistic Director, maintains. “Without shows created specifically for their needs, it can be quite a challenge for people with PMLD to access theatre.”

Home is a one-hour show at Hull Truck Theatre, running on Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 May. There are two performances each day, one at 11am and another at 1:30pm.

Frozen Light Theatre is dedicated to telling intriguing and entertaining stories to those with PMLD. The condition often means that they have great difficulty communicating and experiencing the senses.

Every part of the performance has a sensory element, whether it’s bowls of sand and water beads, or perfume that smells like chocolate. What’s extra special about each production is that everyone will have a different and distinctive experience.


Home is very interactive. The story is told through a combination of narrative, music and multi-sensory arts and follows an original tale of a city destroyed by a dust storm.

“The audience gets to feel the sand, taste the newly filtered water, and a shelter is built around them,” performer and Co-Artistic Director Amber Onat Gregory explains. “The whole story is highlighted by the multi-sensory.”

A whole new world is created by Frozen Light inside the theatre. The audience gets to join main characters Scarlet and Olive as they learn how to survive in this unfamiliar, unstable environment.

“We always develop work with our audience in mind,” Lucy tells us. “We also work closely with the venues we visit.”


Frozen Light are renowned for their passion for telling stories in an engaging way to audiences that don’t usually access mainstream theatre.

Through original songs, exciting visuals and multi-sensory methods, they create a performance that encapsulates individuals from all sorts of backgrounds. Previous shows include the fascinating Forest and Tunnels adventure.

This unique theatre style sounds very exciting to be a part of, and Lucy confirms this:

“My favourite part about playing my role is getting to meet new people every day and interacting with them in an extraordinary way.”

Lucy and Amber assert that the arts should be for everyone:

“Theatre is an enjoyable event to attend with your family and friends, an opportunity that we don’t want people with PMLD to miss out on.”

Tickets for Home are £10 for people with PMLD and the general public, and £8 for carers or companions. More information can be found on the Hull Truck Theatre website.

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Published: Thursday 4th May 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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