There’s concern Cottingham schools aren’t prepared for a rise in pupils

Published: Monday 9th November 2015 by KCFM

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It’s feared Cottingham’s schools aren’t prepared for a rise in the population.

Councillor Ros Jump believes current schools aren’t in a position to cope with the demand of new pupils, and is concerned class sizes will grow too big.

She says the creation of new homes over the next 20 years will see new families move into the area: “Currently, between our four schools, there’s quite a high intake from the surrounding area from Hull. But even if we take that percentage out of the equation, I still fear that, unless we do some careful planning, we’re not going to have the appropriate places for the children at the schools.

“What we don’t want to find is suddenly we’re having portacabins bolted onto schools because that puts a stress on all the services that a school provides; room for school dinners, cloakroom facilities, toilets.”

But John Craig, Forward Planning, Housing Strategy and Development Manager at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said in a statement: “The council has completed an infrastructure study as background evidence to the East Riding Local Plan, which has assessed what the impact of proposed new housing in the Cottingham area would be on school capacity.

“The study adds the expected number of pupils per new dwelling onto projections for pupil numbers at schools within relevant school catchments. It then looked at whether the total number of expected pupils could be accommodated within the existing capacity of each school.

“The study concludes that no increases in school capacity were required for Cottingham High School. The collective capacity of Cottingham’s primary schools is more than sufficient to accommodate the expected number of additional pupils over the plan period.

“There is a projected shortage of places at Westfield Primary School, however due to the close proximity of all of Cottingham’s primary schools, it is expected that this can be balanced out through the school admissions process by the other three schools, which have surplus capacity.”


Published: Monday 9th November 2015 by KCFM

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