Three job-seekers for every vacancy in Hull

Published: Tuesday 3rd November 2015 by The News Editor

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Hull is one of the worst places in the UK to find a job, according to a new study.

The city has one of the highest levels of job-seekers per role, with over 3 people going for every job, compared to Cambridge at the other end of the scale, which has just 0.09 applicants for every position.

The research by jobs site Adzuna suggests there is a lack of home-grown talent in 3 out of 4 cities nationwide, meaning companies are increasingly relying on workers from elsewhere to fill vacancies.

The study shows there are not enough applicants to fill advertised jobs in 41 out of 56 cities – up from 27 a year ago.

Along with Hull, Sunderland was the worst places to find a job, with 4 people going for every role. Cambridge, Guildford and Oxford, on the other hand, are the best.

The number of vacancies across the UK has increased by almost a third over the last year to almost 1.2 million, yet many are left unfilled.

Despite job competition falling to its lowest level since the recession, Andrew Hunter of Adzuna claims many cities do not have enough home-grown talent to fill the increasing number of new positions.

There are less than 700,000 jobseekers at present – the first time the total has dipped below this mark since the recession. But part-time or temporary work has grown in popularity, leading to fewer applicants than vacancies.

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Published: Tuesday 3rd November 2015 by The News Editor

Comments (1)
  • John E Pallister BA

    Great advert for the shitty of culture eh !!

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