Tips for keeping the kids occupied over the holidays

Published: Wednesday 28th December 2016 by Courtney Farrow

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Once the novelty of no school wears off, your children may start to get a bit bored of being at home. Even with the sack load of presents and toys that Santa brought on the 25th, you can guarantee that one of them will chime “I’m bored” at least twice before the 30th.

If they’re already sick of their new games, these boredom-busting festive activities could help.

Design some thank you cards

Post-Christmas is the perfect time to teach your kids the value of thanking people. Get creative and design some of your very own thank you cards and notes.

You could use leftover wrapping paper or gift tags to create something really special. Personalise it even more by getting them to draw themselves enjoying their presents. Don’t forget to send one to Santa!

In the meantime, thumbprint thank you cards are ideal for little fingers. Get some paint and let them dip their digits in the vibrant colours. Print their thumbs, hands or feet onto some card, and once it’s dry you can add a short message. Your family members will treasure these keepsakes forever.

Make a gingerbread house

Although they may look complicated, gingerbread houses are really fun to make. If the kids can refrain from nibbling as they build, they’ll be able to create something truly unique.

You can purchase kits from many high-street retailers, as well as online. But, if you’re a dab hand at baking, why not try making one from scratch? Delicious!

Go for a walk

After being stuck indoors all Christmas, your kids might need to burn off some pent-up energy. Wrap up in winter woollies and head out to your local park or playing field. It’ll feel great to get some fresh air and exercise after over-indulging on chocolates and turkey.

A wintery walk is even better when it snows. We’ve got our fingers crossed!

Reflect and document

It can be easy to get caught up in the fun of the festive season and forget about the year that has just passed.

Sit down with your kids and get them to write down their best bits of the year into a scrapbook or notepad. Maybe even print out some photos of the family holiday or other special moments.

Not only will this give your children time to appreciate and reflect, the scrapbook will also be lovely to flip through in years to come.

Look towards the future

In a similar way, ask your children to come up with things that they hope will happen in 2017.

Get them to draw pictures of their plans and what they would like to see in the future. You could get as creative and inventive as you like, or keep a more practical tone. Whatever the case, it will be both fun and eye-opening.

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Published: Wednesday 28th December 2016 by Courtney Farrow

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