Toothache Day: How to keep your smile healthy

Published: Thursday 9th February 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Today is National Toothache Day. It even has its own hashtag, used by dentists and health providers across the UK: #NationalToothacheDay

Did you know that toothache is also called odontalgia? Whilst this is the original name, we completely understand why they thought National Toothache Day had a better ring to it.

It may sound a bit strange to be celebrating a pain in your mouth, but it’s actually a great opportunity to share some tips and tricks on oral hygiene.

We got in touch with local business Whitehills Dental Clinic, which originally opened on Beverley Road in 2015. However, responding to a high demand for appointments, they moved to bigger premises at 163 Newland Avenue last summer.

Amy Hills, Clinical Director and dental expert, explains more about their services and how to keep your teeth healthy.

“We offer absolutely everything dental, from your basic examination to oral health advice, gum screening, oral cancer checks, polish and stain removals, dental fillings and extractions.”

Whitehills also provide a range of bespoke skincare packages, as well as cosmetic dentistry like smile makeovers, laser tooth whitening and clear braces.

“We pride ourselves on looking after our customers,” Amy adds. “A healthy smile is our number one priority. We’re trained not only to offer treatment, but also to teach people how to look after their teeth properly and maintain them long-term.”

So what steps can we take to protect our teeth and prevent toothache?

“I don’t think many people realise the positive impact that looking after your teeth at home has,” says Amy.

“Many think that flossing is only for when you have something stuck in your teeth, when in fact it is to clear out bacteria that isn’t removed by a standard toothbrush.”

Amy recommends that you floss every 24 hours to remove germs and microbes. This will help to maintain the bone of your teeth for longer.

If you allow bacteria to sit on your teeth over a prolonged period, they can end up decaying and falling out in later years.

“It’s so quick to do and you can incorporate it into your everyday routine,” says Amy. “You could floss during your lunch break at the office, or whilst watching EastEnders in the evening.”

Brushing your tongue is also very important for removing that unsavoury bacteria, but it’s a step that is often overlooked.

“Regular dental checkups are essential,” Amy warns. “Often people will wait until their tooth is hurting before they book in for an appointment, and by that time the damage is already done.”

Amy adds that having X-rays and checks every six months allows problems to be caught and solved early.

“This means that it is a lot cheaper, less painful, and good for your overall health and wellbeing.”

If you’re concerned about your teeth, book in at Whitehills Dental Clinic for a routine checkup. This includes a full medical and dental assessment, smile questionnaire, recession analysis and in-depth disease screening.

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Published: Thursday 9th February 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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