Top menswear picks for spring from Chinese Laundry

Published: Friday 3rd March 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Independent vintage clothing boutique, Chinese Laundry, has been in the heart of Hull city centre for 13 years.

Selling retro wares from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s for men and women, the shop also designs its own brand of printed clothes and reworked pieces.

Outfit number 1

“This outfit [above] has a 70s spring vibe,” says Leon Johnson, Manager.

“The sharp pointed collar on a vibrant shirt looks effortlessly cool. It would look amazing teamed with a collared leather, denim or suede jacket. The more collars the better.”

Shirt: £18 / Levi’s Jeans: £25 / Belt: £6 / Sunglasses: £8 / Doc Martens: Model’s own

Outfit number 2

“This Pop Boutique paisley shirt is a new piece with a vintage style,” Leon tells us.

“Paired with a 70s suede coat and some flares and you’re back in the 70s.”

Chinese Laundry stocks a range of branded clothing from brands such as Madcap Clothing and Warrior.

Pop Boutique Paisley Shirt: £26 / Suede Coat: £30 / Levi’s Jeans: £25 / Doc Martens: Model’s own

Outfit number 3

Our model exits the changing room in a Chinese Laundry Killer Lanterns tee, paired with vintage Converse and turned up Levi 501s.

“Local artist Bobbi Abbey designs all of our psychedelic shirts,” Leon enthuses. “He’s done live painting at lots of festivals across the country. He’s brilliant.”

Chinese Laundry also sells a wide range of vintage Converse in all sorts of colours and patterns, from plain blue to flame printed.

T-shirt: £16 / Fila Shirt: £35 / Levi’s Jeans: £25 / Converse: £18

Outfits 4 and 5

“These looks are very Breakfast Club,” says Charlie Morrill, sales assistant and model.

This 80s look is casual but still has elements of the bright patterns of the era.

“It’s perfect for spring/summer nights. And a flannel shirt is an item that every wardrobe needs.”

LEFT: Shirt: £14.50 / Jumper: £16 / Levi’s Jeans: £25 / Sunglasses: £8 / Doc Martens: Model’s own

RIGHT: Shirt: £16 / US Sweater: £22 / Levi’s Jeans: £25 / Sunglasses: £8 / Converse: £18

Outfit number 6

The next look has a 90s American industrial feel to it.

“We do a lot of 90s sportswear and US work gear,” Leon points out.

Jacket: £22 / T-shirt: £14 / Dickies Jeans: £20 / Converse: £18 / Beanie: £8

Outfit number 7

“Again, we have a cool 90s outfit here,” says Leon.

“This time we’ve coupled a washed-out baggy denim jacket with a flannel shirt and work trousers. And, of course, one of our Chinese Laundry T-shirts.”

T-shirt: £16 / Shirt: £16 / Levi’s Jacket: £38 / Trousers: £20 / Converse: £18 / Sunglasses: £8

Outfit number 8

“Braces are a great way to add a bit of flare to an outfit. If you match the colour of the braces to some thread in a shirt it can really accentuate it.”

Denim Shirt: £18 / T-shirt: £16 / Levi’s Flares: £25 / Braces: £5 / Dr Martens: Model’s own

You can find Chinese Laundry on Savile Street in Hull and down Goodramgate in York. Alternatively, visit

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Published: Friday 3rd March 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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