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Published: Tuesday 24th October 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Created by Hull-based entrepreneurs, Moodbeam is a brand new concept with massive potential impact on the way we track our lifestyles.

The piece of technology is currently being developed and is the brainchild of journalist and PR consultant Christina Colmer McHugh and former KCOM Engineer and founder of The Gadget Shop, Jonathan Elvidge. We caught up with the inspiring pair to find out more.

Can you tell us a little bit more about Moodbeam?

Jonathan Elvidge:

We have created a handheld device that logs your moods at the touch of a button.

This information can then be transferred to a smart device, like your phone or tablet. Your mood is not only logged but presented in a unique and compelling way. This allows individuals and families to compare their moods with other things they may be tracking, such as diet, exercise and their diaries.

Christina Colmer McHugh:

It’s ultimately a tool focussed on care. Talking about how we feel and how it impacts our day should be a natural thing, but unfortunately it’s not. Thanks to this discreet wearable technology, it can become the normal thing to document and share how we are feeling. And it just takes a few moments.

How did the idea come about?


I came up with the idea after my seven-year-old daughter experienced bullying at her school. Whilst the issue was dealt with quickly and professionally by ourselves and the teachers, I couldn’t help but think if there was a way that I could check up and see how my daughter was feeling in the day when I’m not there.

I began to formulate the idea of a silent buddy or button-press solution that you could use to log your moods throughout the day. It would take away the need to verbalise your feelings, which often puts adults and children off.

Originally, we had five different moods and the device was very colourful. As we spoke to more and more parents and their kids, we realised that a simple two-button, discreet device was more appropriate.

Where are you at at the moment, in terms of developing it?


We are currently testing a prototype of Moodbeam across several different sectors, including schools, families, adult mental health, the elderly, and businesses who want to improve wellbeing in the workplace.


We have had a huge amount of genuine interest and an overwhelming excitement about Moodbeam, which is great. We have found that there are many people out there with a real need for tracking how they feel.

What is incredible is that much of this support has come to us. We have spoken at music and sports conferences and are in contact with both local and national organisations.

Thanks to the wonderful support and resources at the C4DI, we have been able to take Christina’s idea and turn it into reality.


We’ve even had people telling us that they wish the device was available to them now, as it would help with current issues they are experiencing.

You can find out more about Moodbeam and follow their progress at

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Published: Tuesday 24th October 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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