Washed Up Car-go brings the beaches of Hull to The Deep’s car park

Published: Tuesday 28th March 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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Chris Dobrowolski’s Washed Up Car-go is part of Hull 2017’s Look Up series. We caught up with the artist to find out more about the installation.

As part of Look Up, different artists will take inspiration from the activity, the people and the location of our city.

Each will focus on its own topic and have a unique style. Chris’s installation touches on themes of consumerism and marine pollution.

“I have transformed the interiors of three ordinary cars into a high tideline of three beaches around Hull,” explains Chris.

“I use toy animals in a lot of my work, and so each car features plastic toys.”

The cars also house a film projection that brings together the artwork, highlighting the effects of plastic pollution.

“For example, the beach inside the Renault Clio has a toy Renault Clio, which projects a film. The sound, in the meantime, comes from two shells,” Chris continues.

“Inevitably, Washed Up Car-go deals with issues like plastic pollution and consumerism, as well as the tradition of maritime art. However, artistically, I have always been inspired by the concept of ‘real’.”

Chris’s previous works have included shots of plastic toys next to real-life animals. For example, a plastic Penguin biscuit truck in the foreground of an Adelie penguin.


Another example of this concept of reality is this image of a toy dog sledge set against a real dog sledge.


Chris’s artistic roots are firmly in the city. He studied at Hull School of Art and Design and Washed Up Car-go revisits this period of his life.

“It was my first time away from home and I was homesick. I decided to collect all of the driftwood from the river bank of the Humber and build a boat to escape from college,” he tells us.

“I did actually attempt to sail across the Humber, but it was a total disaster. It was very real.”


Chris had to be rescued by a tugboat near George Docks and the angry harbour master made him burn the boat to ensure he wouldn’t set sail again.

“I still needed something for my degree show. But I’d burnt the boat,” Chris chuckles. “I went back to the beach where the boat was, dug it up and displayed that for the show.”

“Washed Up Car-go sees me revisiting the beach both metaphorically and physically,” he adds.

As you can imagine, the installation will be friendly, fun and full of detail, simultaneously sharing an important message.

The three cars will be in the car park of The Deep from Wednesday 29 March until Saturday 4 June. There will be a touch tour of the artwork at 2pm on Wednesday 5 April and a BSL Interpreted session on Thursday 4 May.

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Published: Tuesday 28th March 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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