‘Where’s the money gone?’ ask Hull City Supporters’ Trust

Published: Monday 30th March 2015 by KCFM

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The Hull City Supporters’ Trust say they can’t account for how money to support Tigers away fans has been used.

Hull City receives £200,000 from the Premier League each season to help fans travelling to away games. This money – the Away Supporters Initiative – is provided to all clubs, with the intention it can be used to subsidise away travel, part-fund away match tickets or be otherwise spent on improving the match-day experience.

Hull City Supporters’ Trust say that for this season, the only benefit Tigers fans have seen from the ASI money is a subsidy applied to Arsenal away tickets – and they believe that expenditure would have amounted to only £20,000.

They’re now asking what’s become of the remaining money, and what will happen to it, especially given there are only four away games left this season.

Mark Gretton from the Trust says the situation needs clearing up, because those remaining away games could be key to Hull City’s Premier League survival:

“We’re becoming increasingly concerned that this money has either not been spent, and is not going to be spent on, fans going to away support, or has been spent in some other way that the club’s not telling us about.”

“We’ve got some really important away games coming up now, where it would seem to us that it’s really important we get as many of our fans there as possible. Without being overly dramatic, this could be our Premier League future, decided at these away games.”

“Better dialogue between the club and the fans would be a good thing generally, so that the fans don’t just feel that things are being done without them. Fans don’t just feel as customers; we have a much more emotional stake in things.”

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Published: Monday 30th March 2015 by KCFM

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