Why shop at an independent boutique?

Published: Wednesday 28th December 2016 by Courtney Farrow

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There are quite a few independent and local retailers in Hull that sell all sorts, from modern fashion to vintage homeware. But why shop at locally owned businesses instead of the high street?

We asked Deborah Fletcher, the owner of Newland Avenue fashion shop Bed Boutique, to share some insight.

In a few words, how would you describe Bed Boutique?

Affordable, on-trend fashion.

What sort of customers do you cater for?

We mainly stock sizes 8-14, but sometimes we stock 16s too.

Our age range is quite diverse, we have customers who are 16 and we have customers who are 60. Quite a few mothers and their daughters will visit the shop together.

People always seem to find something they like. I would say that there really is something for everybody.

Do you think it’s important to shop at independent stores, as opposed to the high street?

Yes, definitely. It’s so important to support the independents. The good thing about keeping it local is that the money you spend stays within the city. Most of the people who own the independent shops are from the area, so you really are helping out the local economy.

I think as well that it saves and nurtures areas like Newland Avenue and Princes Avenue, which have a bit more diversity than the high street. Unfortunately, not many people seem to get this concept. Many still shop mainly in the big chain stores, instead of trying something different.

Why do you think that Newland Avenue is a popular spot for boutiques and independents like yourself?

There are quite a few boutiques in this area. I think it’s great.

It’s a student area, and young people always seem to be interested in smaller boutiques and quirky shops. As well as that, there are quite a few young couples and families who live on the Avenues, who also enjoy the vibe. It definitely helps the boutiques.

There’s a lot of bars and restaurants around here too, which means people can make a day of it: visit the shops, have a walk, and grab something to eat and drink afterwards.

Would you say it’s a different experience shopping independently?

Oh yes, definitely. We know our stock and we know who it’s going to fit and suit.

Our staff know by looking at someone what they are going to like and feel great in. You wouldn’t get that on the high street.

Have you got any fashion tips for 2017?

Straight after the New Year, fashion looks towards spring and summer.

For the new season, anything metallic is going to do quite well. Anything with a frill on it seems to be selling well at the moment too.

People also seem to love nice knitwear now, which was big this season, along with velvet and fake fur.

We don’t actually order our new stock in until January, so I’m not exactly sure what you’ll see in Bed Boutique in 2017. Keep your eyes peeled!

You can find out for yourself at Bed Boutique, 14 Newland Avenue, Hull. They’re open Monday to Saturday 10am-5pm.

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Published: Wednesday 28th December 2016 by Courtney Farrow

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