Without volunteers, this year’s Hornsea Music Festival could be the last

Published: Thursday 2nd April 2015 by KCFM

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That’s the message from organisers ahead of the 2015 event.

The Festival’s been running for half a century, encouraging generations of East Yorkshire children to get involved in and passionate about music.

But without more volunteers, the Festival’s organisers are afraid it won’t survive in the future.

Organiser Keith Robinson says the event offers local youngsters an opportunity to engage with music that’s become increasingly rare:

“A lot of schools just don’t do it. It’s so difficult for them, nowadays, to fit these things in. What with the cost of coaches, and so on, I think everything nowadays is against it, and almost trying to stop this sort of thing happening.”

“Some of them go on to be professional musicians. We have people who are in the London Symphony Orchestra and things like that. But, whether you get to be famous or not, it doesn’t matter. Once you start doing something like this, you get the enjoyment out of it.”

“You do have to do the training, you do have to control your breathing, and you have to know how to express things. It’s a form of acting, in a way. And the joy you get out of working towards it, and doing it well – you get great satisfaction from it.”

But Mr Robinson says that in spite of the difficulties, demand for the Festival continues to improve:

“Our entries did actually go up last year. It went up by about 50% on the year before, so that’s good. If we did have to stop the Festivals, it wouldn’t be because of lack of interest – if it’s going to collapse, it’s because we don’t have anybody to run it.”

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Published: Thursday 2nd April 2015 by KCFM

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