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Published: Thursday 14th September 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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A huge beach clean is to take place on Hessle Foreshore this Saturday. We spoke to the coordinator, Donna Everett, to find out more.

“Beach cleans offer anyone who would like to help improve the state of our beaches the opportunity to gather with likeminded people and make a difference,” she explains.

“I chose to be a beach clean organiser on behalf of my employer, The Deep. Like all of my colleagues, I am passionate about conserving the world’s oceans. And, as part of the education department, I am eager to encourage people of all ages to engage in citizen science.”

Donna and her team currently organise two beach cleans per year, which both take place on Hessle Foreshore during the spring and autumn.

“Every year, millions of people visit the shores of the UK for a fun day out. It’s much nicer to visit if you don’t have to worry about what you or your children are going to find in the sand, or what your dog may encounter on your walk.”

The event is part of the wider Marine Conservation Society Beachwatch campaign.

During the clean, each piece of litter is collected, identified, weighed and recorded. It is then correctly disposed of. This crucial data goes towards the Marine Conservation Society’s national survey, which is used to raise the general public’s awareness of the impact of litter on the environment.

“We also need to remember that the rubbish we find would otherwise eventually wash into the sea, where all of the commercial fish, like cod, prawns and other seafood comes from,” stresses Donna.

“Studies on seals and seabirds show that lots of creatures that live in the sea will mistake some of this litter as food and ingest it, which can be fatal.”

Whilst Saturday’s beach clean is fully booked, you can still get involved in the next one in May 2018.

“Anyone can come and join in, all we ask is for people to contact me on my email ( to register,” says Donna. “There are always lots of cleanups happening around the country, so be sure to keep your eye out on the Marine Conservation website.”

Meanwhile, if you can’t make it to an organised cleanup event, Donna has some tips for those who still want to help to conserve our beaches and oceans.

“It may sound too simple, but being responsible and putting all of our rubbish in the bin is actually the best way for everyone to make a difference. This is not just for our beaches, but for our environment as a whole,” she encourages. “Replacing items with recyclable and reusable alternatives, such as a refillable bottle instead of a single-use plastic bottle, is also a great way to help keep our planet litter-free.”

To find out more about the Hessle Foreshore Beach Cleans, please see The Deep‘s website. Otherwise, consult the Marine Conservation Society website for more information.

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Published: Thursday 14th September 2017 by Courtney Farrow

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