YourSay: How do you beat the back-to-work blues?

Published: Monday 16th November 2015 by Tom Drinkall

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Argh, it’s Monday! Even the most dedicated of employees can struggle to remain enthused when that alarm clock chimes oh-so loudly to signal the start of the working week.

Fear not if this sounds like you, for advice is on hand.

Here’s how some Hull-based employees combat the dreaded back-to-work blues.

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Kath Brown, Chapel Street News, Chapel Street
I don’t do anything special, I just think, ‘at least you’re here and getting up in the morning’. You see customers and they put a smile on your face and have a natter. It’s nice to get out and not stare at the four walls. What also gets me through my day is being cheeky.

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Glenda Harrison, Tony’s Textiles, Jameson Street
I take joy from just being here (at work). I’ve worked all my life so I don’t know any other.  If I tell you I’ve been here nigh on 39 years – it speaks for itself. If you want the job, you’ve got to go with it and put yourself into it and do the best job you can. Come with a positive mind.

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Dan Mason and Giles Croft, Hull Computers & Mobiles, Paragon Street

Just get a load of coffee down you in the morning – that’s it, job’s a good’un. That’s just in the morning, in the afternoon just go with it. Dinner also gets us through.

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Janiene Cole, RM Higson Opticians, Savile Street

Don’t really think about going to work – just do it. A nice glass of red wine also helps after work.

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Debbie Hill, Coffee 31, Waltham Street

Have a nice, strong coffee. I’m happy as Larry when I come in because there’s good music and a nice cup of coffee. My customers are amazing – they like to come in, sit and listen to the music because we play a lot of the old stuff. We love work.

Published: Monday 16th November 2015 by Tom Drinkall

Comments (1)
  • John E Pallister BA

    I suppose, in these days of uncertainty, you should smile and be thankfull you have a job and, if you enjoy what you do at work, even better.

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