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Greg Davies – You Magnificent Beast

Greg Davies, BAFTA nominated star of Cuckoo, Man Down, The Inbetweeners and Taskmaster, is back with his first stand up

November 21st - November 22nd

Jimmy Carr: The Best Of, Ultimate, Gold, Greatest Hits Tour – extra date added

Jimmy is gathering a selection of his very best jokes along with brand new material for the ultimate comedy show. A m

March 3rd

The Elvis Years

The Elvis Years is an outstanding musical production which brings to the stage the incredible and compelling story of th

November 20th

The Sensational 60’s Experience

Another explosive tour. For one night only seven legendary names take to the stage and deliver to you a night never to b

November 21st

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  • Z K Dabek

    Energy Tariffs:

    The calculation of electricity/gas cost is quite simple. Comparison of the multitude of tariffs is not facillitated by the necessity to “dig out” the unit costs and standing charges for each tariff making comparisons very time consuming. That each area has different unit costs and standing charges for electricity generated and distributed nationally. That fixed price contracts for energy, are for different time periods further complicates the picture. Energy cost comparison sites give results based on potential savings compared to standard variable tariffs. The situation is so confusing that the potential savings illustrated are somewhat fictitious. The best comparison method is to take annual usage (say for electric 5000 KWH and gas 15000 KWH) and compile a table using the unit costs).