Button suggests tactics switch

Published: Thursday 16th April 2015 by The News Editor

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Jenson Button believes Nico Rosberg needs to employ different tactics if he is to topple Lewis Hamilton this season.

Reigning Formula One champion Hamilton heads into Sunday’s Bahrain Grand Prix riding the crest of a wave as he has beaten Mercedes team-mate Rosberg in all three qualifying sessions and races to date.

With Hamilton winning eight of the last 10 grands prix overall, Rosberg appears to have run out of ideas on how to conquer the Briton.

It resulted in Rosberg even asking his team to order Hamilton to speed up during the race in China on Sunday, a request that baffled the Briton who was controlling his pace to nurse his tyres.

As team-mate to Hamilton for three years at McLaren, Button has a fair idea as to what makes the 30-year-old tick, which is why he has suggested to Rosberg to think outside of the box.

“When you’re fighting at the front there are going to be spats and disagreements because you are both in the same car and you both want to win,” Button said.

“Lewis is a very competitive individual when his head is in the right place. It is about toppling him in other areas.

“Over one lap, I don’t think anyone is quicker than Lewis, but over a race? Maybe.

“It is about engineering a way around Lewis to get an edge on him. That is the area where you have to work on.

“I think talking in the press about something you are unhappy with only makes Lewis stronger.”

Rosberg knows he has to beat Hamilton in qualifying if he is to stand any chance of taking the fight to him in the race.

Button feels Rosberg was wrong to bemoan the situation in China after losing out to Hamilton in qualifying, who then controlled the race from the front.

“I say it is motor racing,” added Button.

“Qualify in front so you don’t let it happen. When you are in front, you get the first choice.

“It is the same with me. Fernando (Alonso) was in front of me, so he got the call on the first pit stop. That’s how it works.

“It is tricky, but it is part of the sport and you have to realise it is Formula One and not just about who is quickest.

“Obviously Nico is unhappy and has a right to be, but where can you point the finger?

“I know what it is like when you are fighting at the front and there is so much pressure. Sometimes it hurts you and other times it hurts your team-mate.

“We will see. He might bounce back in the next race.”

Published: Thursday 16th April 2015 by The News Editor

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