Dyke keen to test out video replays

Published: Wednesday 25th February 2015 by The News Editor

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Football Association chairman Greg Dyke will push for trials of video replays to help referees this week when the game’s law-makers meet in Belfast.

The International FA Board (IFAB) will hear details of a trial by the Dutch FA (KNVB) where a video assistant watches a match on television and liaises with the referee via a headset.

The KNVB wants permission to trial the system live in Holland’s main cup competition and officials were presenting their findings to the FA on Wednesday. Dyke is expected to give his support at the meeting of IFAB, which is made up of FIFA and the four home nations.

Dyke told Press Association Sport: “I believe we will look back in 20 years’ time and say, ‘Wasn’t it quaint that we didn’t use the available technology to help referees’.

“I think the referees themselves are now up for trying it out somewhere. Slowly and gradually it needs to be done, as you could disrupt the game completely if you are not careful.

“The Dutch also say they have something which can tell you offsides instantly which could be useful.

“I hope it will be agreed that we can have a big trial of it somewhere – but we won’t put forward the Premier League.”

FIFA president Sepp Blatter announced a U-turn on video replays last year when suggesting each manager should be allowed two ‘challenges’ on controversial decisions, but that idea has received little support.

Scottish FA chief executive Stewart Regan was shown a presentation by the Dutch FA on Tuesday and said he was encouraged the system used existing technology and potentially did not interfere with the flow of the game in the way that the video referee can do in rugby.

Regan said: “We would want to avoid referees relying on it for every incident and potentially slowing the game down and stopping it, we are very keen to keep the game at the same tempo.

“We remain open-minded. The Dutch would like to go live with a test and we will discuss this at the IFAB.”

The KNVB said findings to date suggested an average of two or three crucial incidents per game are suitable for video referral, with decisions typically possible in a time-frame of five to 20 seconds.

KNVB spokesman Koen Adriaanse told Press Association Sport: ”We are supporters of technology to assist referees in the decision-making process and our first experiences are positive. We believe that a video assistant can support a referee in order to make more correct decisions.

”It is only for us in decisive situations – penalties, fouls before goals, red cards – and it is not only there to show wrong decisions, but also to support the referee in decisions that are right.”

A survey this week saw overwhelming public support for video replays to be used in Premier League football. The Usurv poll of 1,000 people for the Press Association found 73 per cent in favour and 27 per cent against.

Published: Wednesday 25th February 2015 by The News Editor

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