ICC president Kamal issues threat

Published: Monday 30th March 2015 by The News Editor

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International Cricket Council president Mustafa Kamal has threatened to reveal details of “mischievous things” he claims are taking place at the world governing body.

Kamal did not, as many expected and prescribed in ICC protocol, take part in the presentation ceremony after Australia beat New Zealand in Melbourne on Sunday to win their fifth World Cup.

The Bangladeshi politician previously considered his resignation in protest at umpiring decisions at the quarter-final stage of the tournament.

Bangladesh were knocked out by their neighbours India, in a match partially notable for marginal decisions by the on-field and third umpires.

Kamal suggested afterwards that the ‘I’ in ICC stood in effect for the powerhouse of ‘India’ rather than ‘International’.

ICC chief executive David Richardson described Kamal’s remarks as “unfortunate” in an official statement.

ICC chairman Narayanaswami Srinivasan presented the World Cup to Australia, rather than Kamal – who has reportedly since made it clear in interviews with the Bangladeshi media that he remains far from happy about recent events.

“I was supposed to give the trophy,” he said.

“It is my constitutional right.

“But very unfortunately, I wasn’t allowed to do so. My rights were dishonoured.”

Kamal does not appear likely to let the matter rest either.

“After I go back home, I will let the whole world know what’s happening in ICC.

“I will let the whole world know about those guys who are doing these mischievous things.”

Published: Monday 30th March 2015 by The News Editor

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