IOC introduces corruption hotline

Published: Tuesday 14th April 2015 by The News Editor

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The International Olympic Committee has announced it has set up a hotline for anyone wishing to report match-fixing or any other forms of corruption that threaten the integrity of sporting competitions.

A web-based Integrity and Compliance Hotline will be available to athletes, coaches, referees and the public alike, according to the IOC, which, it says, guarantees 100 per cent anonymity.

It means the person can contact the organisation to report suspicious activities, ranging from competition manipulation to financial misconduct or other legal, regulatory and ethical breaches over which the IOC has jurisdiction.

IOC president Thomas Bach said at a summit meeting on sports integrity in Lausanne: “It is very important to sanction the people to help hold them responsible for infringements on the integrity of sports.

“I am very happy with today’s meeting as a starting point for the establishment of the IOC Integrity and Compliance Hotline where athletes and everyone concerned can turn to the IOC.

“They can serve as whistle-blowers and serve as witnesses with their suspicions about any kind of infringement. This hotline is linked to the Integrity Betting Intelligence System and guarantees the secrecy of information – we will even accept anonymous indications.

“The ultimate goal of all this is to protect the clean athletes and to give them, as far as we can, fair competition.

“This is why the athletes are here at the heart of everything we are doing. The clean athletes are the ones who deserve all our attention and protection.”

Published: Tuesday 14th April 2015 by The News Editor

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