Manor escape disciplinary action

Published: Sunday 15th March 2015 by The News Editor

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Manor have avoided sanctions by the stewards after failing to take part in qualifying on Saturday for the Australian Grand Prix.

The South Yorkshire-based marque were asked for a written explanation for their non-participation as a potential breach of one of the FIA’s sporting regulations.

But having considered all the available material, the stewards have deemed Manor not to be in breach of the rules.

Via a statement the stewards cleared Manor on eight counts, the first being quite simply “they attended the event”.

Other points were the team:

* brought a significant quantity of material and equipment with it;

* produced all required documents for checking;

* took part in scrutineering and its two cars were eligible to compete;

* brought sufficient staff to prepare cars for competition;

* continued to work and do all within its ability to enable the two cars to compete;

* prepared the cars to a state where they were mechanically complete;

* would not have been able to achieve a software configuration that allowed the two cars to be operated in practice or qualifying sessions, even if they had worked outside curfew requirements.

Manor only emerged from administration three weeks ago after being saved by energy entrepreneur Stephen Fitzpatrick.

Prior to that Manor were on the brink of selling their assets via an auction, resulting in them being forced to wipe all the hard drives of their computers, so losing valuable data to aid their return.

Attempting to rebuild their systems from the ground up proved time consuming and difficult, and in the end too big a hurdle to overcome.

The stewards concluded they “accepted that the team explained it had used all reasonable endeavours to ensure that its cars were able to compete in active competition”, and “therefore…take no further action during the event”.

Published: Sunday 15th March 2015 by The News Editor

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