Nico Rosberg blames Lewis Hamilton for first-corner incident

Published: Sunday 25th October 2015 by The News Editor

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Nico Rosberg has accused Lewis Hamilton of “extremely aggressive” driving after the the Mercedes pair collided in a frenetic United States Grand Prix.

Hamilton sealed his third championship in Austin after Rosberg threw away victory following an unforced error with just seven laps remaining.

But a furious Rosberg, who has now seen his team-mate win back-to-back titles in identical machinery, took aim at Hamilton after the race.

Despite starting from pole, Rosberg dropped to fifth after Hamilton muscled his way past his team-mate on the long, uphill run to turn one.

At first glance it appeared a fair move by Hamilton, but on further inspection the pair banged wheels with the Briton appearing to leave Rosberg little room for manoeuvre.

“For sure it was extremely aggressive,” said Rosberg of the incident which evoked memories of their collision in Belgium last year. “We hit each other, or I would say Lewis came into me, so obviously that is not good.

“What am I going to say? I haven’t even seen it again, so I can’t comment. I need to see it.”

Rosberg sat slumped in his chair in the corner of the green room – the area before the podium celebrations – and did not appear to congratulate Hamilton on his third championship.

At one stage Hamilton threw a sponsors’ cap to be worn on the podium in the direction of Rosberg, who responded by launching it straight back at his rival without so much as a hint of a smile.

Rosberg described the incident as “just games”, but there was something clearly niggling at the German who had a face like thunder throughout the post-race press conference.

Asked to explain the moment where he lost the race and gift-wrapped the championship to Hamilton, he said: “I just got wheelspin. It’s never happened to me, ever, not even in testing, racing, never ever something like that.

“So I can’t explain it, it’s unbelievable. I just need to look into it afterwards but obviously that was really, really tough at the time to lose the lead like that and to lose the win, because I was feeling really good at that point.”

Published: Sunday 25th October 2015 by The News Editor

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