Tom Daley and Dan Goodfellow defend green Olympic diving pool

Published: Wednesday 10th August 2016 by The News Editor

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Tom Daley has leapt to the defence of the bizarre green Olympic diving pool that caused consternation during the final of the women’s synchronised 10 metres platform final.

Social media was overwhelmed by the sudden change of colour in the water at the Maria Lenk Aquatics Centre on Tuesday, with organisers suggesting the issue has been caused by a combination of factors which led to a chemical imbalance.

However, Daley – who won a bronze medal alongside Dan Goodfellow in the corresponding men’s event on Monday – has revealed that not only has he been assured the water is not harmful, it in fact helps him dive because it contrasts with the colour of the sky.

The Briton told Press Association Sport: “We’ve been told the green water is completely safe.

“It’s slightly strange to look at, with the water polo pool being crystal clear but the diving pool green. But it actually does make it easier for us to dive because normally, when you’re spinning, it’s difficult to see which way is up when the sky and water are both blue.

“So when it’s green, it does make it slightly easier. It’s nice and warm, too.”

Goodfellow was equally unconcerned.

“We’ve been told by the doctors it’s safe, so I’m sure it won’t affect any of the diving events,” he said.

“Water is water, isn’t it? So it’s not going to affect our dives. The main thing is it won’t make us ill.”

Reflecting on Monday’s bronze medal in Rio, Goodfellow admits their achievement is yet to really sink in.

“It was emotional on the night, as people could see from the photographs of us and the big bomb into the pool. We were over the moon and so happy with how it went.

“Our hard work paid off. It’s a bit of a relief, too. But on the whole it hasn’t quite sunk in yet.”

He added: “We’ve only been diving together since last October, whereas some of the other teams in the competition who have been medalling since 2012 and even before that.

“So considering we’ve only spent 10 months working together, winning a medal in every competition we’ve done is really good. It’s a combination of good teamwork and support from those around us.”

Published: Wednesday 10th August 2016 by The News Editor

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