10 Visions of an 80’s Childhood – in Hull


Published: Wednesday 26th November 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

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So you’re what 30 something, and it’s suddenly become a habit to reminisce a little? When summers lasted for-ever and it snowed on cue every Christmas day?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The 80s was a stand-out decade for many people. It didn’t matter that Hull City languished in division 4, or that Princess Dock was a vast sea of floating carrier bags – it was all gilt edged by youth.

For posterity, for the 30 somethings, and for the heck of it, our series of look backs begin here with just 10 little visions of an 80s childhood in Hull.

1. Trying to get into Romeo & Juliet’s

It might have been a older brother or sister, but you were definitely impressed by the lighting and the use of the word ‘Discotheque’.

Romeo & Juliets

2. Getting a burger from Bun in The Oven 

Grim but tasty. A little joint on Ferrensway, long since gone. It fell foul to the general re-organisation of the street and the loss of LA’s


3. Buying a tape from Sydney Scarborough

What a place. Two floors of records, tapes and then latterly CDs. Pocket money has never been so well spent. If you’d had a birthday windfall, you would buy posters and videos too.



4. Going to Pic a Dish on a Saturday

Saturday wasn’t the same without a trip to self service piazza Pic a Dish at Hammonds/Binns.  Anyone remember the cola cream soda’s? Or chips and gravy?


5. Getting a warm sausage roll from Fletcher’s Bakery 

Another food related visionSo many hearts were broken when the Fletcher dynasty came to an end.



6. Getting off the train at Boothferry Halt for a City Game

The mini train station for Hull City when they where at Boothferry Park. Mainly used for the away fans but you could also get from Paragon Station to the ground using this little cut through.


7. Getting your clothes from Chelsea Girl

The vision of loud pop music, bubble gum and luminous socks was never more summed up than with a trip to this mecca to girlie fashion. Unless you were a boy and would wait outside.


8. Under 18’s nights at LAs

So you had a taste for night clubs and they knew it. Just Vimpto on the menu though, and your parents picking you up at half-ten.


9. When North Sea Ferries looked like rowing boats

Okay not quite rowing boats. These smaller vessels were popular, but were soon replaced by much larger boats less troubled by the North Sea swell. A crowd would often gather to wave off the Norland and Norstar as it set of to ‘the continent’.


10. And prospect centre looked like this

Back into to the city centre for this vision, of a celling not out of place on the Planet Krypton


Over to you. 

What are your memories of the 1980’s in Hull & East Yorkshire? Comment below or let us know on Twitter or Facebook  #80Visions

Published: Wednesday 26th November 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

Comments (3)

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