Why everyone in Hull should be excited for the new Hull Venue

Published: Sunday 6th March 2016 by wpengine

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Jobs, jobs, jobs

Think about it; with music venues comes a large range of job roles. From management teams and directors, artist liaison and the people who actually book the acts, to sound and light technicians, audience security, box office staff and right down to event staff organising merchandise and hospitality. Hull City Council have cited that 500 jobs will be created with this venue, which is a huge boost to the job market in Hull, and will see so many different types and ages of people achieving new employed.


Big up the local economy

The venue will be built slap-bang in the city centre, right behind Princes Quay. Restaurants, shops, pubs and bars will certainly all benefit from the crowds. The city’s transport links will also see a boost on event days; the Paragon will be busier, taxi companies will be busier, and both of the bus companies will see an increase in usage. With Hull City Council predicting nearly a quarter of a million visitors per year from 2018, it’s expected that the Hull Venue will bring £13.8million per year into our local economy.


Artists and their entourages

With artists come fans. Plans state that the Hull Venue will have a capacity of 3,500, therefore it will be similar to a music academy venue. If we are to expect a big venue, we should expect some fairly big names to play there. For example, artists currently touring to O2 Academies include James Morrison and Newton Faulkner. Meanwhile, Bill Bailey is due to play the York Barbican this year, as well as Jamie Lawson. Sometimes, fans will follow their artists around the country. People will need hotels and will spend more than one evening in the city; again, a benefit to the local economy.


Inspire home-grown talent

Hull has an incredible grassroots music scene already, thanks to places like Fruit, the Adelphi and Welly. Some notable home-grown names include The Beautiful South and The Housemartins. Every band and artist aspires to play their city’s most important venues and the Hull Venue will certainly play a part here.


City of Culture 2017

As more and more plans and big investments come to life, our City of Culture brand grows stronger and stronger. Bring on 2017. Bring on the years after that. Our city will become the picture that we all imagine and know it can become. With venues like this, no one can say to us that it’s dull in Hull anymore.


Article: Tory Cliffe

Published: Sunday 6th March 2016 by wpengine

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