Build it and they ‘won’t’ come – hundred’s to avoid dangerous roundabout


Published: Monday 8th December 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

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HEYToday can reveal that 88% of drivers who took part in an online poll plan to avoid the new Grovehill roundabout in Beverley.

The proposed roundabout, nicknamed Beverley’s Spaghetti Junction, is believed by residents to be too confusing and dangerous to use.

As concern grows over the plans, which have cost over £22m, residents are calling for a re-think from East Riding Council.

Last week former Police officer Sean Finch told press that “it’s one of the most dangerous road layouts I’ve ever seen.The amount of turns, stops, give-ways and hazards are baffling and I’m concerned for people’s safety”, said Mr Finch.


The poll took place on 7/12/14 with a sample of 397

Mr Finch’s comments are backed by the new poll which shows hundreds of drivers plan to avoid the new roundabout altogether.

The result will come as a blow to planners at East Riding Council who approved the design as part of their wider integrated transportation plan for the town.

The fact that so many residents are refusing to use the roundabout brings into question the success of the overall plan – which includes the long awaited Southern Bypass linking Lincoln Way with Swinemoor.

Beverley residents will be unsurprised by the poll, many of which have been raising concerns for some time.

One resident commented that “its extremely dangerous, for years it has been a roundabout, now suddenly traffic that expects to have the right of way, having got part way round, has to give way. The sort of design that is typical of ‘designers’ that like to make pretty pictures on paper, but will never actually have to risk their lives using it”

Another angry commentor laid the blame with East Riding Council who he said “could no more plan than I could fly to the moon”.

East Riding Council have referred public concerns back to private contractors Balfour Beaty who they say are responsible for safety in the area.

They commented that all new road developments undergo an independent safety audit and they are confident in the new design.

East Riding Council are planning another safety audit once the new roundabout is launched, but it looks like they might struggle since according to the poll,very few people intend to use it.

Published: Monday 8th December 2014 by Paul Nickerson - Writer

Comments (7)
  • Kevin Marshall

    I used it the other day,what a confusing mess!
    I was lucky I got through it without a collision.
    What a waste of money.

  • kennyboy

    I used it and I cant see the problem just another new roundabout design if people opened their eyes and kept their mind on their driving they would be able to negotiate it the same as any other, the trouble is drivers these days don’t like to give way to others, always rushing to be in front and not concentrating on the road

  • Kevin Stephenson Holmes

    I have used this a few times now. On 3 occasions I was nearly crashed into by cars or a lorry that don’t believe in give way ? It is going to be hard work for big lorries as in some places there is not enough space for the lorry to turn without going into two lanes to make the turn 🙂 Very badly designed 🙁

  • Kerie Jenkins

    I’ve used if but it is confusing even with your eyes open! There have been at least 3 collisions that I know of and lorries find it particularly difficult to get round it.

  • ian Coulman

    I use the junction a number of times a day travelling to/from Grovehill Industrial Estate. When lights are installed it will be safer, but it’s going to be particularly difficult for HGV’s to negotiate. I guess the design-brief was to improve traffic flow along the A1174 but that could have been achieved with an enlarged roundabout and lights, rather than this unnecessarily complex layout.

  • Joanna Dobosn

    What was so wrong with the round about as it used to be? “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” I thought the roundabout as it used to be worked just fine.

  • Gerri Scargill

    I’ve been avoiding it for the last week, but had no option today as I had to make 3 return trips to Dunswell end of Cottingham from Tickton, towing a trailer. On the last trip back we were nearly hit by a builders truck that came straight across the new give way section (from my right) to go into Holme Church Lane, crossing our right of way to do so. The driver was oblivious to what he had done it, despite me having to brake and stop as he was not going to do so. If Kennyboy used it, then he should have noticed that it is actually no longer a roundabout at all, which is why there is so much confusion.

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