Important changes to Karoo webmail

Published: Tuesday 5th May 2015 by Tom Drinkall

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You may be aware we’ve been working on improving webmail, and today we’ve launched a new, more powerful system to make it easier to use, as well as introducing some great new features.

You will need your email and password to access new webmail and if you don’t know these, you can retrieve them here, or contact us via LiveChat

This upgrade does mean your contact and calendar information will not switch over automatically. We’ll be keeping our old webmail live for a short while so you can copy all of this over to the new system.

To help you get started on the new system, here’s a few tips to get you set up.

Moving your contact information

There are two ways of adding your contacts on to the new system.

To add a contact in the new webmail system, first select the contact tab and select the ‘new contact’ button. Type the contact’s information in the appropriate fields and click the ‘save contact’ button to save the contact.

The ‘new contact’ button is highlighted in a red circle on the screen grab below. (click the image to enlarge)

webmail contact screen gran

Saving your existing contacts

Alternatively, an easier way to save your existing contacts is to open up any email from them, click on the right hand drop down menu and click ‘add to contacts’. This will add the email address to your contacts list without it asking for additional information including phone numbers etc. (click the image to enlarge).

add contacts


Adding your calendar information

You can add a new event by double-clicking on the schedule in the right pane, or click-and-drag your mouse pointer over the schedule to select a block of time for your event. You can also drag-and-drop the entire event to reposition it on the schedule, or drag the bottom edge of the event down to extend the time that it occupies. The new event will be created in the calendar that is currently highlighted in the left pane; the schedule in the right pane displays events from all calendars that have been ticked so as to be displayed.

Editing an event

Click an event to edit it. Enter the appropriate subject, times, dates, reminder time, location, and other information for the event, then click “Save” to save your changes.

Sharing an event

While editing an event, you can invite attendees. To do this, place the cursor inside the “Attendees” field and start typing the name or email address of the person you want to invite. Matching contacts will be displayed as you type. Choose the attendees you wish to invite. When you click “Save” an email invitation for the event will be sent to each attendee listed.

(click the image to enlarge)

calendar screen grab

If you need anymore help using the new system, including retrieving your login information, please click here to contact us via LiveChat

Published: Tuesday 5th May 2015 by Tom Drinkall

Comments (127)
  • Kevin Marshall

    Why mend if it ain’t broken? Do you think people of all ages and ability will understand your ”pre flight” check of instructions? I think not.
    Looks like yahoo will be busy.

    • Hi Kevin,

      The improvements were made based on customer feedback. For example, we’ve had a lot of queries about the “remember my password” feature as this was removed, and we’ve been able to bring this back on the new system.

      These instructions were meant as a bit of an introduction, and hopefully the new system is easy enough to navigate. For anyone who does have any issues at all using the new webmail, they can contact us via LiveChat and we’ll be more than happy to help.

      • Julie H

        As I feared, Rubbish! Just like the other change (to HEY Today) I agree with Kevin Marshall ‘Why …..if it ain’t broken?
        Live Mail is rubbish, as is Outlook and Google.
        So I too, guess it’s Hello Yahoo!
        You people who are supposed to know best, just break my heart!

        • Thanks for your feedback Julie – sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the new, more powerful system.

          If you do have any problems using the new system, you can contact us via LiveChat and we’ll be more than happy to help.

          • sue

            I agree, rubbish, other system easy to navigate, no problem, not at all happy with this new set up. Very disappointed. Why on earth wasn’t this left alone.

          • jason

            settings>default view>two pane. Or play with the options to the right of the “search mail” box… seems simpler to me??

          • Gerri Scargill

            Eureka, it worked! Much better. 🙂

  • Kevin Marshall

    Ok then I didn’t want to group all in one net (no pun) but some people of a more advanced age (i know a few as i’m sure you do) have got used to the system as it is,to keep in touch with family etc. Introducing a new one will i’m sure make it difficult or even unusable .

  • Gerri Scargill

    I hate it! I loved the old view, it was better than live mail, etc, which is why I used it, I could see all my mail at a glance with just one line for each. Now all my contacts are missing, and no, I really didn’t want to have to spend hours of my time copying them all over. I don’t have them saved anywhere else, except in my address book in the old system, so you better not erase it too quick, I need time to do it. Not a happy bunny today, HEY. What is the matter with everyone these days, I am sick to death of ‘progress’ for the sake of it.

    • sue

      Well said, I couldnt agree more!!!

    • jason

      see my comment above. I think its only that the default view is more complicated, easily changed…

      • Gerri Scargill

        Thanks Jason, that fixed it, much better!

  • les johnson

    rubbish kept going down, no contacts if you think this an improvement think again, I,ve so far spent over an hour doing what should take me 2 minutes

    • Dan from KC

      Hi Les, unfortunately there was no way to move your contacts across but we’re working hard to try and find a way around this. It also shouldn’t keep going down, we’re looking into the issue and should have it resolved soon.

  • Kevin Marshall

    Told ya !

  • Thank you for your feedback on the webmail upgrade, we’re sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the new system.

    As well as making improvements based on what customers told us, our old system was due an upgrade to ensure the security of your private information is maintained.

    While we can’t make any promises at the moment, we understand moving your contact information is frustrating and we are looking to find a way of making this easier. We are keeping the old system live for a short while to give people chance to move this information across, and we will update you by email 2 weeks in advance of the old system being switched off.

    Thank you again for taking the time to send us your feedback.

  • Michael

    What a load of old rubbish.
    Just composed an email and finished it stopped to read it before sending it for 10 seconds and it timed out and the message disappeared.
    Composed it again and sent it. No message to say it had been successfully sent.

  • Silicatrucks

    What in hells name do I do to read my e mails now, we are not all IT geeks, the sooner we can get a different internet supplier the better. Karoo think because we are tied to them they can do what they want. watch the exit when we can go somewhere else.

  • Chris

    Just tried to use the new e-mail and its rubbish took ages to find were anything was, tried to compose and send an e-mail and kept getting timed out., and what happens to all my old e-mails will you loose them.

    • Dan from KC

      Hi Chris, you shouldn’t be timing out like that. We’re looking into the issue and will hopefully have it resolved shortly. On the subject of your old emails; any emails in the old system should be present in the new one too. If this isn’t the case, please do let us know.

  • Zoe Ward

    This is awful. We should have been warned that we needed to record our contacts information so we can input it all again. I have had some contacts for years and cannot remember e-mail addresses this is why we have them stored. Now they are all lost. Feel gutted about this. I rely on e-mail a lot so do many people. If there is any way I can find my contacts it would be appreciated.

    • Hi Zoe, the old webmail system is still live and you can still access this, including all of your contact information.

      While we can’t make any promises at the moment, we understand moving your contact information is frustrating and we are looking to find a way of making this easier. We are keeping the old system live for a short while to give people chance to move this information across, and we will update you by email 2 weeks in advance of the old system being switched off.

  • Zoe Ward

    So is there any way I can find my previous contacts list?

  • Gerri Scargill

    HEY today, with the help of another commenter I now have a page that looks more like the old one. However, I still need to allocate sometime to input all my contacts, meanwhile I’ve printed them off the address book, which has sort of worked. BUT, you really must fix the time out problem when we are composing emails, the old system still did it, but it waited much longer before it happened. Some of us are not shorthand wizzes, and actually use our email system for letters, etc. If we really wanted to be restricted to the time it’s sends to write a text, we would use our mobiles.

    • Hi Gerri,

      Thank you for this feedback – I will pass this on to the Technical team to see if there’s anything they can do to improve this for you.

    • Hi Gerri,

      Just wanted to come back with an update to you – we have fixed the time out issue now, so you should be able to write emails as normal.

      • Gerri Scargill

        Well… it did look like it when I was on earlier this afternoon, was right back to normal. But… I just logged back on about ten minutes ago and got halfway through the second sentence of my first reply and it cut right out on me, with the clocky thing! I’d only been logged in a couple of minutes, had to log back in to finish. HEY Ho!

  • Paul Hoy

    When composing an email i got session timed out and lost everything i had done!

    • Hi Paul,

      Thank you for your feedback – we are aware of this issue and please rest assured the team are investigating this.

    • Hi Paul,

      Just wanted to come back with an update to you – we have fixed the time out issue now, so you should be able to write emails as normal.

  • EJG

    Not had any emails at all, on the old or the new system. Slow to load, emails are not immediately on the screen. Pain to have to move contacts across but I’m more concerned that I am missing 2 days worth of emails at the minute!

  • Geoff.

    On the changeover I seem to have lost 21 emails out of 25 from my ‘Saved’ folder and 14 emails out of 16 from another dedicated folder. If 6 were successfully transferred from old to new system what went wrong with the other 35? Apart from that the new system seems OK, just needs getting used to.

    • Dan from KC

      Hi Geoff. Are the emails there in the old system? Your folders and emails should all move across to the new one. If this isn’t the case, please let us know.

  • Raymond Precious


    • Dan from KC

      Hi Raymond. Because of the age of the old webmail, we’ve had to move to a more up to date system to ensure your private date will remain secure. The upgrade means our new system is much more compatible with smartphones and tablets and means we can offer a better service to more people. We’re continuing to work on the system to improve stability and address any issues and appreciate any feedback you provide.

      • Twofish

        Well I still can’t get emails to my phone, so that comment isn’t true.

        • Adrian

          works great for me via my iphone/ipad

      • Raymond Precious

        What about the customers you have disenchanted, or don,t we matter. The word you should use is DATA not date.

        • Dan from KC

          Hi Raymond, you’re right, that should have read data. Unfortunately as the world progresses, new ways are found to exploit systems and gain access to private data (got it right this time). We had to upgrade to ensure we can continue to protect your personal data. This has led to a few teething issues which are no doubt making adjusting harder but we’re working hard to resolve the issues some customers are experiencing with timeouts and developing a way to transfer old contact data across.

  • Tracey

    the emails which I have received won’t open to view them, this is the biggest load off poo going., also fed up of having to put all my information in just to log on, if things don’t improve and is made more user friendly I will def be using yahoo. And this is just a couple of things I’ve pointed out, wasted loads of time trying to work these emails….

  • Thank you to everyone who has commented with feedback. We have now fixed the time out issue, so you should be able to write emails as normal.

    Again, while we can’t make any promises at the moment, we are also still trying to find a way of moving your contact information easily.

    Thank you for your patience – if you have any issues using the new system, please don’t hesitate to contact us through LiveChat.

  • m chambers

    I totally agree with most of what customers are saying .congratulations to KC on another cock up Hey today been the first . and yes Raymond I will be doing the same . I hear a company doing wireless is expanding in to this area.

  • irene clayton

    What a bad idea. Why change what’s working. Now I’m mixed up. We’re not all computer experts.

  • Elizabeth Armstrong

    Going to take time to get used to it, but it keeps ‘time outing’ me, after less than a minute. got to work fast, can’t find how to change it, I like to stay logged in etc. don’t want to have to keep logging in every minute or so.

    • Dan from KC

      Hi Elizabeth, we’re looking into this for you now as our timeout settings haven’t changed.

  • Kay

    How do i access old web mail to retrive contacts?

    • Daniel Gowen

      Hi Kay, on the login screen of the new webmail, there is a welcome message including a link to the old system.

    • Kay

      ok Thanks

  • chris

    typical – the old emails wont load up

    • Dan from KC

      Hi Chris, could you give us a little more information? All of your emails should still be there and you should be able to continue as normally. Could you try logging out and back in again to give it another go?

  • Elizabeth Armstrong

    Hi dave, Still ‘time-outing’ after 2 minutes now, anything i an do to change it as I’m trying to move my contacts.

    • Dan from KC

      We’ve just made some more changes. Hopefully it will be more stable for you now. We’ll keep an eye on it though as the timeout should be a lot longer than two minutes.

  • m chambers

    YOU say In a early comment that you have fixed the time out when writing e/mails I was timed out 3 times tonight

    • Dan from KC

      I apologise for the inconvenience. We’ve narrowed down the cause and hope to have a fix in place before the end of tomorrow.

  • chris

    well the old emails have now arrived so will give it a go

  • Tigerlad

    Excellent upgrade but surely it’s not rocket science to be able to import your existing contacts?

  • Tigerlad

    Excellent upgrade but surely it’s not rocket science to be able to import existing contacts en-bloc.

  • boycey

    Aaaargh, its horrendous!

  • Simon

    Not impressed at all, don’t see it as an upgrade….

  • Gerri Scargill

    What an unpleasant person you clearly are. I seriously hope you didn’t work in customer services. There are, as to be expected, teething issues with the new system, and if KC are in the dark about them they won’t get fixed, the timing out issue particularly has caused some serious head aches for users. E mail is probably the main system for many people for communications nowadays, especially business users. so it needs to be user friendly and work.

    • Gerri Scargill

      Good to see that Mr Newman has removed his unpleasant comments and language. 🙂

  • julie

    This system is awful can’t send e mail

  • julie

    Cannot access any emails or send any probably I’m too old

  • julie

    Cannot access anything why change think cos I’m too old

  • bernie h

    i dont think this system is very good . can we have the old format back

  • paula

    Sorry just not happy with this at all , its not as good as the old website cant just get right on it now , don’t think we will be with KC for much longer as we are in BT as well so going to look in to that one , sorry but after 19 years this is not good paula

  • Davord

    Not a patch on the older version. Fed up with being timed out constantly

    • irene C.

      Same here. too much messing about and time consuming. Brihg the old system back.

  • Richard Oliver

    One suggestion I would have is that, when you delete a message, it doesn’t default to no message being displayed – it should be the next (ideally) or previous.

  • julie

    Can’t get any emails they don’t want old geezers

  • ray

    Mmmmm not intuitive. Not stable and downloading attachments difficult. Having problems withcontacts like others. Parts of email keep diappearing as I am reading it. Will persevere but not a smooth changeover. Indeed can’t access old system as suggesred. Not good so far

    • Dan from KC

      Hi ray, we appreciate your patience and know it can be a little frustrating. You should still be able to access the old system at

  • Sid Arkle

    Used the new system for the first time today. There seem to be some useful benefits … being able to easily export contacts to a spreadsheet is one example. HOWEVER … Timed out 4 times in the hour I was using it … needs sorting quickly please.

    • Dan from KC

      Hi Sid. We’re working on this and appreciate your patience. We’ve narrowed down the cause of the issue and hope to have it solved before the weekend.

  • barry

    timing out all the time. The old system will not work. What a load of sh**e

    • Dan from KC

      Hi Barry. We’re working on the timeout issue and hope to have a fix in place before the end of tomorrow. You should be able to access the old system here

  • Roy Davis

    I am self employed and use my e-mail a lot for work, this has added hours onto an already long day due to Incompetence on the part of KC, why release a product with known snags, I am logged out half way through e-mails, my contacts are not imported, the comment of opening an old one and copying the address is pretty useless if you don’t have any from that person.

    If i carried out my business like this i would be out of business within the week, why are people no longer accountable, the apologies are utterly useless, this should never have happened in the first place, who is going to be sacked, or is it a rise now

    • Dan from KC

      Hi Roy, the old webmail system is still there and won’t be taken down until the new system is stable and everyone has had time to copy across any details. You can access it here:

      We have narrowed down the cause of the performance issues and will continue to work on it. I can understand your frustration but I would like you to rest assured that the decision to move to a new system wasn’t taken lightly – it was entirely necessary to ensure the continued security of your private information.

  • Frustrated of Hessle

    Rubbish, this new improved system has managed to lose all my emails both in the old system and the new. Keeps timing out and with this improved technology, why could it not export contacts, cos I’ve got loads of time to sit and do that!! As for contact via Livechat, great if you want ‘cool’ as a response to everything you send but then get no actual solutions and being told my emails have not been ‘lost’ well they are not where they should be so that really helps with all the frustration. HeyToday may be gone tomorrow!! Anybody recommend a decent provider?

    • Dan from KC

      Hello. When we made the changes, your emails were untouched, we only changed how you access your email via webmail. Have you accessed your email through a mail client on your computer? Some mail clients take them from the server when you get mail.

      I would also like to apologise for the performance issues. While we did everything we could to test the system, some customers are experiencing performance issues that we hope to resolve shortly. We’re also working on a solution to allow you to transfer your contacts across.

      • Frustrated of Hessle

        I’m sorry but something has obviously gone pear shaped as they have and are still not in either system, old or new and all I did was log on and as I had been away on business for a few days and had not logged into my Karoo account, whilst away, I knew I already had unread emails in my in box!! but now nothing but emails that have arrived since Friday.
        Seems like you guys are doing a lot of fire fighting with dissatisfied customers after launching a system that was not ready for customer use, if it had been there wouldn’t be all this frustration from customers.

        • Frustrated of Hessle

          Forgot to add, no I do not use a mail client,

  • Tigerlad

    I use Yahoo,Livemail and G mail , and exporting /importing my contacts between them is done by a few button pushes. How come you cant fathom out how to move my existing Karoo contacts to this new upgrade?

    • Dan from KC

      Hi Tigerlad, data from the old system isn’t compatible with the new one, nor does it have an export feature. We’re working on a solution to this and hope to update the information above, soon.

      • Tigerlad

        Well, someone at your end must have solved the problem. I’ve just imported my contacts to the new upgrade. I had the existing contact list saved as vcf files and simply imported them one at a time. New system working fine now, thanks very much.

  • aa

    How on earth can I access my karoo mail on my hudl now please? Shocked to try accessing my e mail today only to find I can’t.

  • Trish

    Why on earth have you changed a system that was working perfectly fine to one that is an abomination!!!!!! It takes ages to load, is not at all user friendly and has crashed on me 5 times this evening alone and I’ve only been on for 15 mins …..terrible decision….feeling angry and frustrated

    • Dan from KC

      Hi Trish, we had to upgrade the system to ensure we can continue to keep your private information safe.
      The slow speeds and crashing are not how the new service should perform and we are working night and day to resolve the issues. I fully understand your frustration and would like to assure you it will get better very soon.

  • Trish

    Is “live chat” not a 24 hour system ….as I tried to email my comments privately however I have been informed no one is available for a “live chat” pfft …..I too will be looking to change my provider

  • ray

    Mmmmmmm – not intuative – keep losing huge parts of messages as reading them – attachment downlods not working properly – old contact probkem as with others – cannot access old ststem at all despite what say – anyway where is technical and user manual as with all new systems – should have been prooerly tested

  • julie

    Cannot do my emails as been an oldie can’t do settings not happy as my bills on line etc

    • Hi Julie, sorry to hear you’re having issues using the new system. Please contact our Technical Support team who will be able to help you, on 01482 606101 or through LiveChat on the KC website.

  • GettinOn

    What’s wrong with KC. First the joke of Heytoday now the new mail system which is garbage. I get ‘timed out’ when I’m trying to Log In. If I could get another supplier, I would, and so would half your other customers.

  • EJG

    This is rubbish! Still haven’t had any new emails since the change over and my mail box is not full. What is going on?

    • Hi EJG, I would recommend giving our Technical Support team a call on 01482 606101 about this issue or contacting them on LiveChat (via the link in the article above), to see if they can resolve this for you.

  • David

    why fix something that’s not broken .If I get timed out yet again it the end for me

  • Mike Beecroft

    Every time I delete my emails they reappear next time I log in. What am I doing wrong?

  • Chris Swindin

    Taking me a little while to get used to this, not too happy at present with (a) finding how to logout and login in again with another e-mail address – we use three – and (b) the right click on a message doesn’t bring up the “add to contacts” option. No way do I have the time to re-type them all. It’s not at all intuitive.

  • r franks

    So there’s no easy way to transfer contacts from old to new? Am I really gonna have to do them manually one by one?

    • Hi, at the moment the only way to transfer this information across is manually. We understand this is very inconvenient and frustrating and our technical team are working on a way to move this across much easier. Thank you for your patience while we resolve this.

  • Chris B

    This new site is useless finding it very frustrating there was nothing wrong with the old format who’s bright idea was it to change its a waste of time and money. Useless to use on my mobile devices and don’t have a computer or laptop will be changing asap to a more user friendly site.
    KC another disaster as if the crap Internet service isn’t bad enough if I had a choice your firm wouldn’t make the list.

  • Michael Schnetler

    OMG! It seems clunky & strange. I cannot attach photos from my AppleMacs although the email works OK. It all seems a ghastly mistake, especially considering the time it has taken. I may migrate to gmail – or use the Apple OS 10 mail system.

  • John

    Like an earlier commenter, I’m finding that, no matter how many times I delete emails, they reappear the next time I log in. I couldn’t spot a response to him. How can this be sorted please?

    • Dan from KC

      Hi John, can you confirm if you’re accessing your email via mobile/tablet or desktop?

      • John

        Hi Dan, I had been using a tablet, but just tried on a desktop. It took several attempts and about 5 minutes to log in. I selected about 20 emails and pressed ‘delete’. After about 2 minutes the emails had been deleted. I logged out and logged in again (2 attempts and another long wait), to find all the deleted messages were back in my inbox. I opened one email and deleted it; this seems to have worked, but it took ages to open and just as long for it to be deleted. Unless the new system can be fixed, it’s going to fall into disuse.

        • Dan from KC

          Thanks for the reply, John. We’ll continue to look into this and will work the kinks out as soon as possible. Could you let me know which browser you’re using? Any information can help us narrow down the causes.

        • John

          Hi Dan, I’ve tried Chrome, IE9 and Safari – similar results on all of them.

  • Gerri Scargill

    Right, I finally got around to manually inputting all my addresses. Someone tried to email me and not been able to get through, then when they did and I clicked on the reply button, the window that came up didn’t have a space for any text! That happened 3 times, before it came up as it should. Also the pages were taking over a minute to load each time I went back to inbox afterwards. So glad I’m not a business user, I’d probably have committed suicide by now.

    • Hi Gerri, sorry to hear this. I would recommend contacting the KC Technical Support team on 01482 606101 for help with these issues.

  • Jason

    Have had no emails since the 8th May and I can’t receive emails from my other accounts. What gives.

    • Hi Jason, please contact the KC Technical Support team on 01482 606101 as they will be able to help with this issue.

  • mags

    Just don’t like ot and I’ve lost all my contracts. Star quality 0

  • Paul Staples

    With the new system I can now search right up to the current date; Ii couldn’t with the old one and couldn’t get the advanced interface either – just got php (?) instead! BUT! the new system times out, can’t transfer addresses, emails mysteriously disappear, deleted items come back & it takes ages to load. Not really happy with it so far, but do prefer the new layout.

  • Paul Staples


  • Paul Staples

    I can only see my inbox from 9/5/15 16.00hrs. ???

  • Paul H

    ALL of my saved e-mails in my inbox have disappeared ! Total disaster, Tech couldn’t help and IT are ‘looking into it’ Not holding my breath, poor service from a poor company.

  • Sam Johnson

    The email is one thing , Lightstream another. To anyone thinking of ‘upgrading’ don’t bother. Its no faster, more expensive and the wifi range is worse. Contacted KC but they weren’t interested

  • julie

    What a farce can’t get emails kc said problems with mobiles bring back old system had no problems with it .

  • julie

    Been into kc twice they blaming incoming server still cannot send any emails fed up with this messing around

  • ian

    Technology changes as time moves on and this is much better and easier to use that the last system. Anyone whining about it use outlook? Its a good system now, stop the whining about KC is crap its boring to hear. Move to BT and speak to an indian call centre who cant understand you if you want!

  • Barry

    I can’t delete messages. They disappear from the inbox but when I refresh or log back in, they are still there. Can anyone help

    • Hi Barry, thanks for getting in touch about this.

      This is a known issue which we are working to resolve. However, if you click menu and go to “desktop view” it should stop this problem.

  • Ashley Derrick

    Personally think its an improvement over the old system but I keep getting pesky storage 90% full even though I have read inbox in OE on my main PC. The problem is that sent emails via old system is massive going back to 2010 but I don’t want to lose them. All Karoo Tech. could suggest is forwarding them to another email address. In OE you can simply back up the .dbx file in seconds. Surely there is a better way to back them up. Or are there any plans to increase personal storage above 250mb? Cheers Ash

    • Hi Ashley, thank you for getting in touch about this.

      Unfortunately, there are no plans in the short term to increase your personal storage. We are looking at our email solution and potential options but can’t promise anything.

      The best way around this is to forward them to an alternate email address, and you can do this by moving 200 at a time if needed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  • Paul Staples

    personally I think it sucks! ~ thanks Karoo for loosing my entire inbox contents, has this happened to anyone else please?

    • Hi Paul, sorry to hear this.

      Please contact the KC Technical Support team about this on 01482 606101 as they may be able to help. The technical support team are available Monday – Friday 8am – 9pm and Saturday-Sunday 9am-6pm.

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