£10,000 spent in kitten killer hunt

Published: Thursday 5th March 2015 by The News Editor

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A father spent £10,000 on private detectives in a bid to trace the killer of his daughter’s kitten.

Neil Tregarthen claimed he turned to a detective agency after police “failed to investigate”.

His daughter Aylish’s kitten Farah died after being shot with an air rifle near her home in September.

Mr Tregarthen, from Truro in Cornwall, told the BBC private detectives conducted a six-week investigation and identified a prime suspect, but police refused to bring a prosecution.

” They were totally impotent to do anything to help us, or more importantly wider society,” he said.

Devon and Cornwall Police insisted the crime was fully investigated.

Neighbourhood beat manager Steve Parsons said: “We investigated this crime fully and at all times we worked closely with Mr Tregarthen’s daughter, who was the complainant in this case. It should also be noted that the RSPCA was also contacted in relation to this matter.

“After all reasonable areas of inquiry were completed, I spoke to Ms Tregarthen to explain the reasons why no further action would be taken and she was happy with my explanation.

“As for the report produced by Mr Tregarthen, I have examined this and it is packed with rumour and speculation, not evidence.

“However, on the back of this, local officers did make further inquiries in the area which also turned out to be fruitless. I am confident that we have done everything possible in investigating this case.”

Published: Thursday 5th March 2015 by The News Editor

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