Apprentice candidates battle it out to be king or queen of DIY

Published: Wednesday 11th November 2015 by The News Editor

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Lord Sugar throws a spanner in the works in the boardroom this week as the candidates battle to be crowned the king or queen of DIY.

Armed with only a van full of tools and a little elbow grease, the candidates must set up their own handyman businesses and peddle their expertise to the residents of south London.

But bungling candidates and botched jobs see the teams soon start to unravel.

After pitching for two big leads, one team gets their hands dirty scraping chewing gum off the stands at a local football club, while the other refurbishes the costume department of a nearby theatre.

However, one project manager’s perfectionism risks his team’s sale and the other’s hands-off approach lets mistakes slip through the net.

On the sub-teams, one candidate must scale back their overambitious plans, while DIY disasters from skew-whiff shelves to splattered signs leave a trail of dissatisfied customers for the other.

And one tired worker’s day is made even worse when his team drives home without him.

With all candidates eventually back in the boardroom and the tallies read out, the candidates prepare themselves for the hammer to fall.

But Lord Sugar has two unprecedented moves to throw into the mix before he utters: “You’re fired.”

Published: Wednesday 11th November 2015 by The News Editor

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