Apprentice finalists in last pitch

Published: Sunday 21st December 2014 by The News Editor

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The two remaining Apprentice candidates will go head to head to launch their business ideas in the final of the hit BBC show this evening.

Bianca Miller and Mark Wright must brand, promote and present their ideas with the help of former candidates from the series.

It is far from an easy ride as the two candidates must delegate tasks including market research, the creation of a promotional video and brand identity to their team.

Predictably Daniel backs Bianca against his nemesis Mark, saying: “I’ve personally not worn tights … I haven’t got the experience of buying them for myself, and in fact I’ve never bought tights in my life.

“But I will be a team player, help Bianca win this, and at the end of the day, I’ve got a chance of still beating Mark here!”

However, there is unrest in the team after Bianca sends most of them home without getting their feedback on her video, a choice which is described by Lauren as “a poor managerial decision”.

Mark takes a very different approach, leaving Sanjay with full editorial responsibility for his video.

Mark’s nerves continue to worry him following his disastrous pitch in the pudding task, but Sarah is on hand to offer a typically zany suggestion – hypnotism.

He says: “I really fluffed a pitch in the process and I’ve never done that before … it’s kind of weighing on the back of my mind … I don’t want to stand up this evening and have the same thing happen … I need a clear head today.”

Meanwhile he leaves James and Solomon, not known for their maturity, in charge of the corporate entertainment for the party, and they organise dancers in morph suits, leaving the audience of experts nonplussed.

In the boardroom Lord Sugar faces a difficult decision between two very different candidates and businesses.

He asks Bianca about the scale and positioning of her brand while Mark is questioned on whether he can break into a very crowded market.

And he says that his final choice will be based on either “instinct” or the “devil in him”.

The Apprentice will be on at 9pm on BBC One, followed by You’re Hired at 10pm.

Published: Sunday 21st December 2014 by The News Editor

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