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Published: Thursday 26th March 2015 by The News Editor

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Comedian Russell Brand has outlined his vision of a chain of self-supporting non-profit social enterprises – which would even have their own currency.

The left-wing activist spoke as he opened a cafe on the New Era estate in Hoxton, east London, where he previously helped locals protesting against rent increases and possible eviction.

Brand said he is donating all his money from paperback sales of his book, Revolution, to the Trew Era Cafe, which fuses the estate’s name with that of his YouTube show, The Trews.

It will be staffed by recovering addicts undergoing “abstinence-based recovery”.

He was joined at the opening by local residents Lynsay Spiteri, Danielle Molinari and Lindsey Garrett and a crowd of around 200 supporters.

Addressing the crowd outside the cafe he said: “It is a model that is not for profit, a fully self-supporting, new economic enterprise.

“We will start more and more of these social enterprises, eventually we will trade with one another in our own currency. We are going to create our own systems, our own federations, our own currencies, our own authorities.”

He accused mainstream political parties of abandoning people on inner city estates, saying: “As long as you have only got parties that are interested in causing division, hatred and representing big businesses, we will create our own systems.

“Politics is dead, this is the end of politics. What we are discussing is what comes after, something worse or something better.”

He added that “it is not a charity, it is a new business model”, describing it as a place for local people to get together and eat food grown and made in the community.

It has already set up agri-enterprises including bee hives for honey and chickens for eggs, he said.

Published: Thursday 26th March 2015 by The News Editor

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