British TV ‘boring’, says Celia

Published: Tuesday 3rd March 2015 by The News Editor

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Veteran actress Celia Imrie has lambasted British TV for being boring.

The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel star, 62, criticised home-grown TV shows for their frustratingly slow pace compared to US rivals.

And she said that she had little time for TV hit Broadchurch, the crime drama starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman.

“I found it all rather grim. Also rather boring,” Imrie told Glamour magazine.

“Quite frankly, I think English television is rather boring in general these days.

“I’ll sit there shouting, ‘Get on with it!’ at the TV, because things just move so slowly.”

The Calendar Girls actress added: “American TV, on the other hand, is absolutely brilliant at the moment. Nashville, House of Cards and Homeland.”

Imrie also said while her generation fought hard for equal rights, women who complain about getting wolf whistled should “lighten up”.

“I’m thrilled if I’m whistled at. Of course I am,” she said.

“People have become so moany. I mean, I’m not mad about being called love or dear, but I quite like darling. And really, lighten up everyone. There’s enough horribleness in the world.”

But she criticised department stores for displaying “wall-to-wall pink” girls’ clothing.

“Where are the tomboys of our generation? And this whole thing of calling little girls ‘princesses’ is just so terribly wrong,” she said. “Why are people made to feel their genders so firmly from the beginning?”

Published: Tuesday 3rd March 2015 by The News Editor

Comments (2)
  • John Clayton

    Well said

  • Veteran actress Celia Imrie has lambasted British TV
    I have to put my two penny worth in about British TV and I am in total agreement with her.
    British television has got to be at its worst ever, just look at all of the programmes on for example Freeview, how many of those channels do you watch?
    If you take all of the rubbish American programmes off and remove all those cookery and buying or repairing houses, most of the staff can go on holiday.
    I have said in the past via a number of media outlets, that the BBC pays far too few far too much.
    There is little wonder that programmes are suffering when it appears that the beeb can’t use it’s budget in a productive and proactive way, paying embarrassingly large sums of money to untalented presenters whose only claim to fame is that they can take the mickey out of their guests.
    Even some of their degenerate guest leave a lot to be desired, they can be scruffy and so uninteresting as to be a total waste of air time.
    It does not make you talented because for example you were married to say a singer, and your stupidity comes out every time you open your mouth when you comment on whatever subject that you know nothing about.
    Do we not have anymore such people as Magnus Pike, Arthur Negus, David Attenbourough, all those men who run our emergency services with stories to tell.
    The list of interesting people even in 2015 is still long and mostly untapped, so TV researchers need to get their act into gear, that is of course if there is an outlet created for such interesting participants and presented by an entertaining witty but not over paid presenter.
    I truly do hope that someone takes due notice of what is written here, because many of the people who I have had contact with in the media industry seem to totally agree with every word written here.

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