Cameron in plea to wavering Tories

Published: Sunday 19th October 2014 by The News Editor

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David Cameron has launched a fresh effort to try to persuade would-be Ukip voters to back the Tories, warning that it would be a “terrible irony” if voting for Nigel Farage’s party let Ed Miliband take the keys to No 10.

The Prime Minister said voters should not be “deceived” into thinking that it was anything other than a “stark choice” between the Conservatives and Labour at the next election.

Mr Cameron restated his promise to put measures to control European Union migration at the heart of his plans to renegotiate the UK’s relationship with Brussels.

Next May’s General Election would be “the most important for a generation”, the Prime Minister said in an article for the Sunday Telegraph, telling voters it would be a straight contest between him and Mr Miliband to run the country.

In a message to wavering Tories, he said: ” Let no-one deceive you that there is a third way. A vote for Ukip is a vote for Labour.

“That much was proved in the recent by-elections. In Clacton, previously a Conservative seat, Ukip won. In Heywood and Middleton, Labour held their seat.

“And to those considering voting for Ukip on the issues of immigration and Europe, I would point you to our Conservative record.

“Non-EU migration is now at its lowest levels since the 1990s – and we are committed to putting EU migration right at the heart of our negotiations in Europe.

“That comes from the first British Prime Minister ever to veto an EU Treaty, get the European budget cut, and pull us out of the bail-out schemes that Labour signed us up to.

“We have also pledged to scrap Labour’s Human Rights Act, ending the era of farcical human rights rulings handed down from Europe. And never forget: it is only the Conservative Party that is offering you that in-out referendum on Europe in 2017.

“There would be a terrible irony if people who care about these issues voted Ukip – making a Labour Government more likely.”

The Prime Minister warned that letting Mr Milband into No 10 would result in a “great nation slipping back into decline”, with households facing rising mortgage bills and jobs being moved overseas.

He said: ” A Labour Britain hardly bears thinking about. Imagine: the international markets wincing as the British government racks up more debt; interest rates and mortgage rates going up; businesses crushed under punishing taxes; jobs leaving our shores; the unions back in Downing Street; diktats and bureaucratic schemes raining down on our schools and hospitals; the sense of a great nation slipping back into decline.”

Published: Sunday 19th October 2014 by The News Editor

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