Clarkson producer says no charges

Published: Friday 27th March 2015 by The News Editor

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The Top Gear producer attacked by Jeremy Clarkson in a fracas which cost the BBC presenter his job has said he does not want to press charges against his former colleague.

Oisin Tymon has told North Yorkshire Police he does not want to take any further action against Clarkson, who was this week told his Top Gear contract will not been renewed by the BBC after an angry and lengthy tirade in a hotel over food.

Mr Tymon’s lawyer, Paul Daniels, today issued a statement in which he said: “Mr Tymon has informed the police that he doesn’t want to press charges.

“The events of the last few weeks have been extremely unpleasant for everyone involved. The matter has taken a great toll on Oisin, his family and his friends.

“Quite simply, Mr Tymon just wishes to return now to the job at the BBC he loves, as soon as possible. Further, the BBC have, in his view, taken action with a view to addressing the issues at hand.

“Mr Tymon agrees with the BBC’s stated view that all parties should now be allowed to move on, so far as possible.”

North Yorkshire Police said the force is still investigating the incident.

A spokesman said: “Inquiries are ongoing.”

The producer had his lip split in a 30-second-long assault on March 4 at the hands of Clarkson, and had to take himself to hospital with his injuries.

He was also shouted at by the former Top Gear presenter in a torrent of verbal abuse in a hotel in North Yorkshire.

Clarkson reported the incident to the BBC five days later and was suspended by the broadcaster on March 10.

The outspoken presenter received widespread public support – including from his friend, Prime Minister David Cameron – while one million people signed a petition calling for the BBC to reinstate him.

But on Wednesday, BBC director-general Tony Hall announced he would not be renewing Clarkson’s contract, saying ”a line has been crossed” and that ”there cannot be one rule for one and one rule for another” .

Mr Tymon, who has previously described Clarkson as a “unique talent”, has come under sustained abuse on social media for his involvement in the dispute.

Clarkson refused to answer when asked if he was worried about being arrested yesterday.

Instead, he said: ”All I would like to say is, I wish people would leave Ois alone because none of this was his fault.”

When he was asked what he would like to say to fans who may be upset about him leaving the show, he replied: ”Everybody’s upset.”

Two major companies, Sky and Channel 4, are understood to have ruled out working with Clarkson, while ITV would not comment on ”a BBC issue”.

Chris Evans leads the betting as favourite to take over at the show, even though he has ruled himself out on more than one occasion.

Published: Friday 27th March 2015 by The News Editor

Comments (1)
  • I personally cannot understand what all the fuss is about, the entire programme is devoted to three men just simply playing about and doing what they do best (Acting like kids)
    The programme has very little to do these days with cars, indeed one programme I saw them playing conkers with two caravans suspended on cranes.
    If the BBC stopped paying such rediculous amounts of money to these sorts of presenters, perhaps that money would be better spent producing interesting programmes.
    Programmes that would cover many more hours of entertainment than it costs to produce ‘Top Gear’
    Mr. Tymon poses a real question though and I quote him “Clarkson is a “unique talent””
    He must have watched a different programme than the one I watched then.
    Some of these people on TV must breed bulls – The amount of B**lSh*T that they come out with.

    Until people stop justifying the rubbish that TV is pumping out at the moment we will never have quality programmes and get value for our licence money.

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