Collymore ‘dropped by BT Sport’

Published: Friday 20th February 2015 by The News Editor

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Ex-footballer Stan Collymore says he has been dropped as a pundit on BT Sport.

The former Liverpool and England striker tweeted: “Just had a call from @btsportfootball. I’m taken off the show. Absolutely fine. Better to be right than bury my head. Enjoy!

“I can hold my head high and say i did the right thing to challenge hypocrisy amongst Rangers fans. BT show #RFC games, so inevitable.”

The outspoken broadcaster had demanded Rangers are pulled off the television if their fans continue to sing sectarian songs.

After announcing the news on the internet, Collymore became locked in a fiery online exchange with some sports fans, many of whom brought up his violent past and domestic violence.

It had been triggered after Collymore backed a petition which said: “Boycott sponsors Sectarian chanting is illegal. Demeaning.”

He urged his online followers to show their support and said if they signed the petition, he would “take it to every sponsor and tv/radio station i know.”

Collymore hit back at his critics and wrote: “All @btsportfootball have done is empower right wing mob rule. Nothing else. 8 friends and i have cancelled already. Hypocrisy.”

He also wrote: “You can get sectarian, racist, threats from Rangers fans but can’t tell truths. Censorship & fascism alive and well in 2015 Britain.”

A BT Sport spokesman said: “BT Sport does not agree with any form of racism and believes that it should not be tolerated in Sport. It is a subject which should be tackled and discussed in the correct manner.

“We did not agree with the nature of the debate on twitter, and which BT Sport was brought into without prior agreement. BT Sport will raise and discuss the issue within its programming when relevant and in an appropriate manner.”

Published: Friday 20th February 2015 by The News Editor

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