Dawson keen on fallible superhero

Published: Friday 3rd April 2015 by The News Editor

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Rosario Dawson has promised that her latest venture into the comic-book world will explore what it means to be a fallible superhero.

The Sin City star takes on the role of nurse Claire Temple in Marvel’s Daredevil, based on the comic book about a blind lawyer with heightened senses who becomes a crime-fighting vigilante at night.

The 13-part series, which will stream on Netflix later this month, stars British actor Charlie Cox in the title role.

Speaking on the red carpet at the premiere of the show in Los Angeles, Dawson said: “For me it’s super exciting to play a person who is a real, fallible person in a world where superheroes exist but we aren’t looking at them and we aren’t concentrating on them.

“We are concentrating on street-level crimes and when you are looking at that and you’re a real person you’re throwing yourself in to the fray.

“It’s not someone with indestructible skin who is an alien and won’t even flinch, this is a person with real blood coming out and bones are crunching. It raises the stakes a bit.”

She added: “How does someone make that choice? How do you get hurt, fall down and and decide to get back up and do it again the next day? What does that look like? To get into that psychology is really interesting.”

But Dawson also promised that there would be some laughs along with the action and drama.

She said: “That’s one of the things I love so much about this, Marvel is genius at comedy.

“Their comics always have that little zinger, that little line, and you see how funny these things are.

“There are a bunch of people running around in spandex fighting petty crime in their spare time, there is hilarity that will ensue.”

Daredevil will stream on Netflix in the UK on April 10.

Published: Friday 3rd April 2015 by The News Editor

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