Dowsett tackles hour cycling record

Published: Saturday 2nd May 2015 by The News Editor

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Haemophiliac cyclist Alex Dowsett will attempt to break the world record for riding the furthest distance in 60 minutes today.

The professional road racing cyclist is carrying out the attempt as part of a campaign to raise awareness of the condition. The campaign challenges people to achieve their personal best in any sport or activity they choose.

It aims to highlight how beneficial exercise can be for those who suffer from the disorder, which means the blood does not clot properly.

Dowsett, 26, has severe haemophilia but this has not stopped him from taking part in Commonwealth, European and other major time trial competitions.

He described the hour-record endeavour, which he will attempt at the Manchester Velodrome this afternoon, as the “ultimate time trial”.

”It’s a case of man and machine: no changing conditions, no wind, no real tactics,” he said.

”It’s the purest form of a time trial. There’s no tiny respite in the hour record. The pacing is so important – you never get a chance to recover.”

Australian cyclist Rohan Dennis currently holds the record of 52.491 kilometres, while it has previously been held by Britons Chris Boardman and Graeme Obree.

But if Dowsett beats it, he may not keep the title for long, as cycling legend Sir Bradley Wiggins is having a go at it in June.

Haemophilia is usually an inherited disorder, and s ufferers bruise easily and can have spontaneous internal bleeds, often in their joints and muscles. E xercise can help sufferers to develop strong bones and muscles to protect their joints.

Dowsett, from Maldon, Essex, added: “As someone living with haemophilia, I can’t stress enough how important exercise is in managing the condition and leading a healthy, active life.

“This is something I feel really passionate about and I would encourage everyone to get involved, spread the word and pledge their personal best. The campaign will also help to raise money for people with haemophilia.”

Stephen Wilkie, head of fundraising for the Haemophilia Society, said: “Miles for Haemophilia is a perfect opportunity for our members and supporters to get healthy and raise awareness about bleeding disorders throughout the UK.”

Miles for Haemophilia: Your Personal Best sees participants contribute as many miles, laps, hours or classes as they want, in whatever form of exercise they choose, and share their pledge on social media to encourage others to sign up.

Published: Saturday 2nd May 2015 by The News Editor

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