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Published: Monday 2nd November 2015 by Rich Sutherland

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Ridersmate, the UK’s leading motorcycle accident and anti-theft tracker, is offering a free month’s try before you buy to motorcyclists.

Ridersmate is smaller than a mobile phone and is designed to attach to you and your bike. If you have an accident it comes apart and 60-seconds later sends an SMS message to up to three contacts of your choice to let them know. They can contact you to make sure all is OK or help by getting the emergency services to you fast with the supplied coordinates and map. Numerous motorcyclists write to Ridersmate every month thanking the company for saving their lives and reducing the severity of their injuries.

Because Ridersmate uses SMS it has over 99% of the UK covered, so will work on or off-road and is ideal for solo rides of any kind.

If you have separated the unit by accident, then you simply plug it back together to cancel the message. Do this within 60-seconds and no message is ever sent, do it after 60-seconds and it sends a cancellation SMS to your contacts. It really is that simple.

Ridersmate can be left hidden on your bike under the seat or elsewhere and then it becomes a useful anti-theft tracker. You can geo-fence the bike so if it moves more than a set distance, the unit will text your phone and alert you that is being moved. Then you can track it on your phone and either recover it yourself or get the police involved.

As it is a tracking device, it means you can upload routes and share them with friends on the dedicated Ridersmate community. And being a biker, you can choose to switch off the recording speed function…just in case.

If you are a motorcyclist that likes cycling or riding horses, the unit works identically for those pursuits as well, bringing added safety if you need it. There’s even an SOS button on the device if you need to alert people quickly.

Ridersmate’s David Coleman said: “We think this is the best safety device for motorcyclists since the invention of the helmet. If you are using it and have an accident, it will alert your contacts who can then act. It is well known that if you can get the emergency services to the scene of an accident within 60-minutes the extent of injuries reduces enormously. We have already had numerous customers contact us to say how the unit saved their lives.

“But it’s not only a safety device, it can be used as a anti-theft tracker when you park your bike up and has a whole community of benefits behind it as well. The SMS technology is bulletproof and the unit will work anywhere in the world where there is a mobile phone network.

“We are delighted to offer this free trial to motorcyclists because we want to help save lives and increase the enjoyment for the riders. With this on you’ll have a guardian angel ready to act if you have an accident. And if your mates have units, you can easily track each other down on your phones if you get lost.”

The Ridersmate unit costs £179 and there is no further subscription fee. It comes with a pay as you go sim card fitted that you will need to add £10 credit to. That credit should last more than 12-months, but could be less depending on how often you crash.


The free month’s trial works like this:

1: You visit store and purchase a unit. Put TRIAL in the notes box when filling in your delivery details.

2: Ridersmate then takes delivery details and a £179 deposit

3: You use the unit for a month

4: At the end of the month you either keep the unit or return it

5: If you return the unit boxed in original condition then the £179 deposit will be refunded in full. A protective sleeve will be added to the kit to help keep the Ridersmate unit in original condition whilst in use.


For further details, full terms and conditions, please visit

Published: Monday 2nd November 2015 by Rich Sutherland

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