Hoax call DJ tells of death threats

Published: Monday 13th October 2014 by The News Editor

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One of the Australian radio DJs behind a hoax call which resulted in the death of a nurse at a hospital treating the Duchess of Cambridge has spoken of receiving death threats and called for trolling to stop.

Mel Greig, who apologised for her role in the incident at the inquest of Jacintha Saldanha last month, described the reaction she received as “hypercritical” and said the people accusing her of being a bully were themselves acting like bullies in doing so.

She told BBC2’s Newsnight: “The trolling and the death threats were disgusting.

“I was in lockdown for months. There were bullets with our name on it sent to police stations.

“Trolling needs to stop.”

Ms Greig, who posed as the Queen while the Duchess was being treated for morning sickness at the King Edward VII Hospital in London, said the worst point was when her mother was threatened.

“When you bring my mother into it, and I didn’t want to cry, but it’s just … that’s the difference and that’s unnecessary,” she said.

“To me it’s quite hypercritical. They are calling me a bully. They are doing the same thing to me. “

Indian-born Mrs Saldanha answered the phone call in December 2012 and believing it to be genuine, put the call through to the nurse in charge of Kate and it was then played on air by Greig and her fellow shock-jock Michael Christian.

A two-day inquest at the High Court heard Mrs Saldanha held herself responsible for the mistake, despite the private hospital’s management supporting her and the other nurse as victims of a cruel joke.

Newsnight will be broadcast on BBC2 at 10.30pm tonight.

Published: Monday 13th October 2014 by The News Editor

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