Jail for drugs-in-bag gaffe father

Published: Tuesday 13th January 2015 by The News Editor

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A father who unwittingly sent his three-year-old son to nursery with a drug dealer’s kit instead of his lunchbox has been jailed.

Lee Webb, 23, accidentally handed his toddler son the wrong bag when he dropped him off at nursery in Folkestone, Kent, last March 28.

Instead of giving him his packed lunch, Webb handed him a bag containing Class A and B drugs, weighing scales and two knives.

When Webb realised his mistake, he returned to the nursery to ask staff for the bag back – but they refused and called the police.

Investigators revealed that the drugs in the bag handed to the boy were cocaine and mephedrone worth up to an estimated £12,000.

When Webb was arrested later that day, officers noticed that he had written the number for a solicitor on the back of his hand.

A search of his home in Burrow Road, Folkestone, uncovered several hundred pounds in cash, which Webb claimed were his personal savings.

Kent Police said Webb pleaded guilty to one count of possessing cocaine with intent to supply and one count of possessing mephedrone with intent to supply.

At Canterbury Crown Court earlier this month, he was sentenced to four years in jail, a spokesman said. He will return to court for a Proceeds of Crime hearing on June 16.

Detective Constable Kay Brown, of Kent Police, said following the sentencing: “Stupidity does not even come close to describing the actions of this man.

“The consequences of his irresponsible, not to mention illegal, actions could have been severe. As a father, his role is to protect and nurture. However, he put his own child at serious risk of harm.

“The staff at the nursery must be praised for their actions.

“Clearly a serious offence had been committed and they would not be intimidated when Webb demanded the drugs and other items back and they rightly called the police.

“This is a significant custodial sentence which reflects the severity of the crime.”

Published: Tuesday 13th January 2015 by The News Editor

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