Kim names Kanye her ‘best stylist’

Published: Sunday 15th February 2015 by The News Editor

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Reality star Kim Kardashian has hailed husband Kanye West as her “best stylist”.

The darling of social media, known for her outlandish style, said that the 37-year-old rap superstar, with whom she has a daughter, North, was always telling her to “dress sexier”.

West, who unveiled his first fashion collection last week, had revolutionised her wardrobe, she told the Sunday Times, by getting her to throw out the “glitter, rhinestone heels and the kind of clothes I now laugh at” soon after they got together.

The 34-year-old told the newspaper: “And I really trust his opinion. Lately, since I had the baby, I haven’t been working with a stylist, we’ve just been doing it ourselves, and I love that.”

She said West suggested she team a latex top with a beaded dress for the GQ awards, adding: “He is my best stylist.”

Kardashian, famous for showing off her ample curves on Twitter and Instagram, hit out at people who saw West’s influence on her style as evidence of his controlling nature.

She said: “I’d never spent time in London or Paris or seen what style was like around the world, so he wanted to bring in stylists from all over the place just to update my look. And they brought in things like snakeskin that I’d never seen before.

“But to my fans – they saw this new guy come in and clean out my closet and they thought that was a sign of him being controlling. But it wasn’t that at all. He made me love fashion so much more.”

Published: Sunday 15th February 2015 by The News Editor

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