Labour vows kitchen table recovery

Published: Wednesday 31st December 2014 by The News Editor

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Ed Miliband has promised a recovery that reaches people’s “kitchen table” if he becomes prime minister.

The Labour leader used his New Year message to urge the country to choose a “new beginning” in 2015.

Painting the looming general election battle as a “moment of possibility”, he invoked US president Barack Obama’s famous campaign slogan, asking: “Can we do it? Of course we can.”

The festive message, apparently recorded at his home, shows Mr Miliband flanked by a Christmas tree and casually dressed in shirt and navy jumper.

“This is the season for new beginnings and hopes for the future,” he said.

“And Britain is ready for a new beginning. Because I don’t have to tell you that all over our country today, there are people working harder and harder, but standing still: families struggling with bills that are growing faster than their wages; young people, taking on mountains of debt to get a proper education, only to find themselves with no job at the other end; and an NHS where people are waiting longer and longer to get the care they need.

“It doesn’t have to be this way. As this New Year dawns, we have the chance to change direction.”

Mr Miliband said he stood for a “new plan that cuts our deficit responsibly, without threatening our NHS or short changing our children and their future”.

“This year, we have the power to bring about the change working families all over Britain need. This isn’t about idle dreams or empty promises. It’s about a real, concrete plan: a plan for a recovery which reaches your kitchen table.”

Mr Miliband said in the run-up to the election he would be setting out ideas to raise wages, give young people more opportunities, “set fair rules for immigration” and “rescue our NHS”.

“We have it within our grasp not just to see out the old year but to see out the old ways of running the country,” he said.

“Can we do it? Of course we can.”

Mr Miliband cited the Labour government’s achievements in the wake of the Second World War 70 years ago as proof that progress could be made despite tough conditions.

“After the war, badly battered and deeply in debt, Britain rose again,” he said.

“We built the NHS, a modern welfare state, homes for people to live in and still dealt with our debts; we set the stage for a generation of progress for working people.

“Today’s challenges are different. But if we could walk through those fires, we surely can meet the problems of our time.”

Published: Wednesday 31st December 2014 by The News Editor

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