‘Love Activist’ squatters evicted


Published: Wednesday 24th December 2014 by The News Editor

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Two people remained perched on a balcony in the heart of the capital after fellow activists and squatters were forced from the prime office building.

People calling themselves “Love Activists” took over the heritage-listed Cavell House on Charing Cross Road, near Leicester Square in London, at the weekend.

They planned to host a Christmas lunch for the homeless at the building, which they dubbed Love HQ.

Police said they were called by bailiffs to the Grade II-listed property at about 8am today to prevent a breach of the peace.

Scotland Yard said: “On the instruction of the bailiffs, all but two of the people inside left the building.

“A man and a woman, believed to be in their twenties, remain on a balcony and are being spoken to by police.”

Shortly before 2pm a man, believed to be one of the squatters, appeared to be attempting to talk the couple down.

The couple on the balcony were spotted kissing and calling for supporters below to bring them a cigarette lighter.

“Maybe they think they’re Romeo and Juliet up there,” one onlooker commented.

Meanwhile, protesters gathered on the street below, carrying signs and chanting: “Homes not banks! Housing is a human right!”

Charing Cross Road was closed briefly.

Published: Wednesday 24th December 2014 by The News Editor

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