Miliband’s vow to working families

Published: Saturday 14th March 2015 by The News Editor

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Ed Miliband will promise higher living standards for working families as he urges voters to choose hope over fear when he addresses the party’s spring rally.

The Labour leader will set out a stark picture of a future Conservative government, accusing the party of planning to roll back public spending to a time when there was no NHS and children left school at 14 years of age.

Unveiling Labour’s election pledge card in Birmingham, Mr Miliband will insist that Britain’s economic prosperity rests on the success of the many and tell voters they face a choice on May 7 between parties working for the “good of some or the good of all”.

He is expected to say: “Today we set out how we can replace a failed, tired, government for the few with a government that is truly for all the people of Britain. Today I tell you how we will change the way our country is run when I am Prime Minister.

“It is based on a different idea of how we succeed, a different idea of how we live together, a different idea of the kind of country we can become – because the choice at this election is not simply between parties and leaders, but between different visions of our country.

“The choice is between the pessimists or the optimists, fear or hope, the few or the many, the good of some or the good of all. Today I urge the British people to choose optimism, to choose a country for the many, to choose the good of all, to choose hope – and to recognise that when working people succeed, nothing can stop us as a country.”

Mr Miliband ramped up campaigning this week by carrying out a television interview with wife Justine and their two children, Samuel and Daniel, but came in for criticism over his domestic arrangements.

The Labour leader was filmed drinking tea in a modest kitchen but it later emerged that it was ” the small one” and he was dubbed “Two Kitchens” by political opponents – a reference to former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott’s nickname of “Two Jags”.

Labour has previously insisted it will focus on issues not personalities during the general election campaign.

The party’s pledge card sets out five promises to voters:

:: A strong economic foundation

:: Higher living standards for working families

:: An NHS with the time to care

:: Controls on immigration

:: A country where the next generation can do better than the last

Mr Miliband will insist that none of Labour’s manifesto commitments will need additional borrowing.

He will say: “Our country deserves a future based on the idea that Britain only succeeds when working families succeed; the idea that has powered success for Britain throughout our history. Whenever we have prospered, whenever we have succeeded, it is not because we have been driven by the success of a few at the top but by the success of working families.

“We’re different from the Tories because we believe our fates are intertwined as a nation. Each of us has an interest in all of us succeeding. Any civilised country is built on the idea of the common good. And that means common rules, shared and respected by all its citizens. That’s why we can’t have one rule for some and another for others – the rich and the powerful not playing their part or not paying their dues.”

“I do not simply say that we should judge our nation’s success by the success of working people. I say that only by working people succeeding can we succeed as a country. And it is an idea embodied in our pledges, written through each like a stick of rock,” he will add.

Conservative party chairman Grant Shapps said: ” The real choice at this election is between the stability and strong leadership of David Cameron and the Conservatives working to a long-term economic plan, securing a better future for Britain.

” Or Ed Miliband carried into Downing Street in the pocket of Alex Salmond and the SNP – meaning more borrowing, more debt, higher taxes and weaker defences.

“Competence or chaos. That’s the choice on 7th May.”

Published: Saturday 14th March 2015 by The News Editor

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